London Baby 🇬🇧

Of course if there is ever mention of London you have to think of Joey Tribbiani from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when he goes to London and captions everything with “London Baby”.

Hi everyone, so todays post is all about my recent trip to London. I’ve been to London before, I went in April last year, which before I continue, how weird it is saying it’s 2017 already? I feel like 2016 went so quickly and I still think its only about March 2016. So like I’ve just said I went to London in April last year for the first time and it was amazing. I had always wanted to go to London and it did not disappoint so when I got the chance to go again I couldn’t say no.

This time I went with my friend Jenna who I work with and her mum. They had originally decided to go down together but when she mentioned that she was going to go, she asked if I wanted to come along and of course I said yes. We went down on the 5th of this month and came back on the 6th so we only went away for 1 day. The trip never really started the best, we nearly missed our flight down as we never knew our gate was closing, oops… so after a rush along to our gate and being those people who are last on the plane and holding it up, we got to our seats and set off.

The main reason as to why we decided to go down was to do shopping so after landing,  travelling into the centre of London and a nice walk along the Thames to waken us up and to see all the sights we made it to Convent Garden. While Jenna’s mum went and sat down with all our bags, me and Jenna went and browsed at the shops in Convent Garden. I purchased a few M.A.C products which I’m sure will feature on my blog at some point. I also purchased some clothing items from Brandy Melville, I had never bought clothes from there before but they are the softest clothing items ever. We checked into our hotel before heading back out to the shops, this time to Oxford street. We hit shop after shop, looking at all the make-up counters and I eventually bought myself a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, I’ve  wanted one for a while and I just thought well why not get one now. I really don’t think Jenna knew what hit her when she went shopping with me, I can just shop shop shop. We then hit the main shop we went down for, Victoria’s Secret. There isn’t a Victoria’s Secret in Scotland so I wanted to make the most of it. In the end I definitely did, I shopped all 4 floors and I ended up spending around £188 in there.

Pictures from L to R:- Big Ben, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Theatre, Lego Big Ben, Lego Dragon.

We had a few funny encounters while down there, to start with two boys walked into our room thinking it was their room as they also had the same room number as ours. That all got resolved very quickly. The next one was encountering a life drawing class at the pub we decided to go to later in the evening. They asked us if we wanted to see any of the drawings which was awkward but things never really went right for me as my knee began to kill after a day off walking. The pain still properly hasn’t gone away so I should probably get that seen to. On the Friday we packed all our stuff and checked out before having another walk around London. This time we went and see the theatre where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child plays so I used that opportunity to take a photo using my new polaroid camera. We also visited the new Lego shop at Leicester Square and it was amazing. Growing up with lego made all my childhood memories come back to me in that shop. When at the train station we  went over to visit Platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross before getting the train back to the airport and flying home.

This trip to London, even though it was short, was so much fun and enjoyable. I really do want to go back down again in the near future to see more of London and of course do more shopping.

See you guys in my next post!

Georgia 💋

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