My Z Palette Wishlist

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle.

So recently when I was creating my makeup wishlist I decided to make a separate wishlist of eyeshadows I want to buy to put into a Z palette. If you don’t know what a Z palette is, it is basically an empty palette that you can put single pan eyeshadows in and you can create your own palette. I’ve seen many YouTubers I watch with them and I’ve decided to finally bite the bullet and create my own one. I really like the look of the Makeup Forever Metal Palette- Link– but you can only get if from Sephora and I’m not even sure if they ship it to the UK so a Z palette will do me fine. There are a few companies that sell single pan eyeshadows that I like the look of so I’m just going to list all the shadows on my wishlist down below. I hope this gives you all some ideas of new shadows to get to add to your collection.

Makeup Geek

So if you are an avid watcher of Youtube and KathleenLights you’ll know about the brand called Makeup Geek. They make incredible pan eyeshadows which are so creamy and blend really well. I currently have 4 of their eyeshadows in my collection but I’ve never kept them in a proper palette so they’ve been wrecked so it’s time to buy some new ones. These are the shadows on my wishlist:

“Early Bird”
“Cocoa Bear”
“Cherry Cola”
“Shimma Shimma”
“Starry Eyed”

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Around the time of Black Friday I seen that ABH had a major sale on for it and I wanted some of their single eyeshadows but other people had the same idea and all the ones I wanted were all sold out. Now they have their own UK site and shipping is cheap I can now actually buy some. Here are the shadows on my wishlist:

“Burnt Orange”
“Peach Sorbet”
“Red Earth”
“Pink Champagne”

Colourpop Cosmetics

Again Youtube is the only reason I know about Colourpop and I’m so glad I do. They make incredible makeup products for such good prices (except the shipping and customs cost) so when I seen they were releasing single pressed eyeshadows rather than their SuperShock eyeshadows I was very excited. They have only just released so I can imagine majority of the shades are out of stock so I’m going to wait before purchasing the shades I like. Here are the shades on my wishlist:

“Paper Tiger”
“Stay Golden”
“Cute Alert”
“I owe you”
“Top Notch”
“Get Out”
“Liar Liar”
“Running Late”
“Save it for later”
“Let me explain”
“Take it slow”
“High strung”


I had never heard of Cozzette before NikkieTutorials. I’d seen her use their single eyeshadows before in a few of her videos but I got to properly see her collection of them in her December Hits and Oh God No’s 2016 video which I’ll link here- NikkieTutorials December Hits and Oh God No’s 2016. When she swatched some of the shades the pigmentation blew me away, I needed them. I’m so thankful to NikkieTutorials for showing me these shadows. Here is the shadows on my wishlist:


I hope you all enjoyed this post and I’ll see you in my next post! I also now have Instagram so I’d appreciate if you went and gave me a follow.

Georgia 💋

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