Current Beauty Obsessions

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Seeing as I haven’t been as active on my blog in a while due to uni work and I’ve not had time to write a March or April favourites I’ve decided, instead of waiting until the end of May to do a May Favourites I’m going to do a current beauty obsessions. So instead of me babbling on in this introduction let’s just get on with the favourites!

I’ve had this highlighter for about 1 year now and I used it occasionally, as I had other highlighters that I used more on a daily basis, that was until now. I love this as an everyday highlight as it creates a soft gold highlight but if you build it up it can be blinding (if thats what you want). I find this highlight goes with any eye makeup look so again it makes it perfect for everyday and because I am quite fair it really looks natural on my skin.

I knew as soon as I seen this blush in Boots that it would become a staple in my collection. I had been on the lookout for a nude blush and this has become my favourite. It looks very natural on the skin which I love as I don’t always like wearing blush so this works really well for me. It’s so small and compact as well so it fits perfectly in my makeup bag and takes up 0 space, I really want to try more colours.

This has been my go to handbag lipstick. It is my perfect nude and perfect for every single day. I always like to have a lipstick in my handbag for occasions where I’ve forget to pick up a lipstick there is this one as a backup and because its a nude it’ll go with every makeup look. Plus it was made by the amazing KathleenLights who is one of my favourite YouTubers.  

If it wasn’t for Gabby mentioning this in a YouTube video I would never have know this product existed. This moisturiser really hydrates my face and my face has not been dry since starting using this. I use it day and night and I’ve found my face to be so much more softer than before. Plus if you’re are a student you get discount on it which is fab.

I don’t like talking about this palette and I hardly use it as it was limited edition but I have been loving this palette, it has been my go to. I have been loving using the shades “Lula” and “Isobel” in the crease and the shades “Marina” and “Paris” on the lid. It creates a bronze eye which I have been finding really pretty for the spring/summer time.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my current beauty favourites and hopefully I’ve maybe given you some inspiration on some new makeup to buy! Tell me what your favourites are!


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