June Bullet Journal Set Up 

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

When I first stumbled across AmandaRachLee’s Bullet Journal videos on YouTube I instantly fell in love her and her Bullet Journal (her work is amazing check it out, I’ll link all her accounts down below!) and with the idea of Bullet Journalling. After watching tons of Bullet Journal videos on YouTube I finally bit the bullet (no pun intended) and started bullet journalling. I know usually you are meant to start in January but it doesn’t really matter, you can start it whenever and I am loving it so far!

Little background info on everything I use for my Bullet Journal before we begin. I have the Leuchtrumm 1917 Dotted notebook in Emerald and I use the Fabre Castell Pitt Artist pens for the black writing and the Crayola Super Tip marks for colour.  Also I am not the best artist in the world so if some of my drawings aren’t the best don’t hate.

So my cover page for this month is very colourful and summer themed around the fact that I go on holiday this month which I’m very excited about. So I’ve just drawn some waves, a palm tree, some shells, suns, turtles (as I am going swimming with turtles) and a cute little crab, with June written bang in the middle with waves circling round it. I really love my cover page, I put a lot of time and effort into creating it and I am very happy with the final result.

For my monthly log I just drew a large grid calendar and put all the dates into each box along with the day of the week it lands on.  I added in any activities that I knew would by taking place this month (from the future log) and added little pictures beside them to make them extra memorable. I also added the little quote “Sun Sun Sun” at the bottom to brighten up the page and seen as it’s been getting sunnier in Scotland and because I’m going away in the sun,  it makes me happy.

My next page is my Blog/YouTube page. I do have the intent on starting a YouTube channel at some point whenever I have time so here is where I can write down all my video ideas for the month along with any blog post ideas I have as well. I have a growth tracker down the bottom of the page for all my platforms to see at the end of the month how much I’ve grown. I’m excited to see my growth as I do love seeing more and more people follow me and enjoy all the posts I make! This page isn’t fully finished yet as I am not sure what else to add to the page, I’ll be happy with any suggestions!

My next 2 pages are my monthly trackers. On the first page is my habit and sleep trackers. Out of all my pages these are the 2 I’ll improve on next month as I felt I didn’t give myself enough space and didn’t do them as to what I would have liked. On the top I have my habit tracker where I track certain things such as wearing my retainer, going to the gym etc so I can see how often I do them in a month and then I have my sleep tracker to see how much sleep I get in one night. I really didn’t leave enough room for this one so I don’t like it as much as my habit tracker, I think next month I’ll give myself a full page. The only thing I like is the little sleepy cloud!

My expense tracker is next so I just have 4 colums: for the date, for a description of the purchase and a positive and negative column for the price. It’s very important to me to keep track of my money as I like to make my money last longer and this so far has been helping me, although I feel I may need a bigger page for this next month as it may fill up fast! (I have blurred out all my transactions for privacy).

Finally onto my weekly log. I keep this page pretty simple so that it doesn’t complicate me, all I do is write the days off the week over the 2 pages and that’s that. I have a little monthly calendar at the bottom with the current week highlighted so that I know which week in the month it is.  I then, whenever I have a task etc I write it down on the day I want to do it on and then use the key I have at the start of my journal to show what I have done with the task.

I hope you have all enjoyed this post. If you want to organise your life more I would highly recommend bullet journalling, it’s fun and a good stress relief as when drawing out your spreads out, it is calming (well to me it is). If you’d like to see a full Bullet Journal set up then let me know!

AmandaRachLee’s Accounts

YouTube-  AmandaRachLee

Instagram- Amandarachdoodles

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