What’s In My Carry On Bag 

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Sorry for the lack of activity but I have just came back from my holiday in Tenerife (which was amazing) but I am now back and ready to be so active on here.

Now that I’ve been away, I’m going to tell you all what was in my carry on bag. I always find these interesting as I never really know what to take with me on plane and I really enjoyed reading and watching videos on what other people take so I hope you’ll all enjoy reading about what I took with me.

The bag I took with me is the Fjallraven Kraken backpack in Frost Green. I love this backpack already even though I’ve only had it for around 2 weeks. I find a backpack so much easier when travelling as it’s out the way when carrying suitcases and you can fit so much into it. I took this backpack to Loro Parque with me and it was really good as I could fit in my camera as well as food and water for the bus trip.

In the front pocket of my bag is just the random things I didn’t want to have in the main body of my bag. I took some pens for incase I needed to sign anything, my earphones which are blue Sony in-ear ones which I bought from Sainsbury’s a while back, packs of chewing gum as my ears pop when taking off and landing so a good little tip is to have chewing gum and it’ll help stop your ears from popping. I had my keys for my suitcase padlocks as well as my portable charger and cables.

The first thing in the main body of my bag is my purse. It’s a pink Monki purse I got off ASOS 2 years ago and I love it for travelling as it’s big enough to hold my passport and my boyfriends passport in so that everything was kept together. It also had my money, both pounds and euros, and my Revolut card which had euros on it. You sadly cannot get this purse anymore but I’m sure there is plenty of alternatives online.

Next thing is my iPad Mini. I downloaded Orange is the New Black season 5 and the new Beauty and the Beast for the flight to keep me entertained. I also have a few Cut The Rope games on there which I also played while on the plane.

I had my little toiletries bag which is from L’Occitane  for the plane in the main body of my bag. I took some watermelon hand cream from Primark and a Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac. I cannot go without these items in any bag so they had to come with me in this one. Next thing is my Palmers lip balm which I find essential so that my lips wouldn’t dry out during the flight plus it has SPF 15 in it so it stopped my lips from getting burn when away. I kept some tablets in there for incase I got a headache and I had some face wipes by Yes To Blueberries for incase I wanted to remove my makeup which I did on my flight home.

Finally I had my holiday book for incase I found I want to read it while on the plane. The book I took is Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy by Lucy-Anne Holmes. I got recommended this book on amazon and so far I am liking it (I’m on Chapter 16).

I hope you have all enjoyed this post and it’s gave you an insight into what’s in my carry on bag and it’s given you some tips on what to pack in yours!

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