Tenerife ✈️🌴☀️

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So one of my OG posts was all about when I went to London so now that I’m back from my holiday I’ve decided to continue the trend and write about my holiday in Tenerife. I know you’ll all be sick of hearing about Tenerife by now but I promise I only have 1 (maybe 2) more holiday posts coming up on blog then I’ll stop talking about it, well until my next one. Without further a do let’s get onto talking about my holiday!

So I went to Tenerife with my boyfriend a few weeks ago. We’d been away together before to London but this was the first time we’d properly spent a whole week together. Let’s get through all the boring details before we get into the more interesting parts of my holiday. I flew from Edinburgh Airport to Tenerife South Airport which is around a 4 and a half hour flight. We weren’t sat beside each other on the flight going which was rubbish but there wasn’t much we could do. We stayed at the Olè Tropical Hotel in Las Americas, just outside of Costa Adeje which was an amazing hotel, I’d recommend it to anyone for the price we paid. It was so central, a 15/20 minute walk to the beach and a 10 walk to Siam Park (the water park) so we just walked everywhere.

On Monday we went to Loro Parque which was something I was really looking forward to, along with the water park. It took around an hour and 15 minutes on a coach to get there as it is at the top of the island and we were staying at the bottom. It’s basically a massive animal park. They have dolphin and orca shows which were amazing to see (yes I have seen Blackfish and know it’s wrong but I can’t help it). I got to see one of my favourite animals, Sloths, there which I was in love with. It’s definitely a must do when at Tenerife.

Siam Park I would say was the best activity I did on the holiday. Siam Park is the biggest water park in Europe and it did not disappoint. I’d heard so much about it from friends who had been before and it was amazing. We went on the Wednesday which turned out to be a really sunny day. We ended up buying fast passes for the rides as the queues were so long (up to an hour on some rides) and it took up a lot of time so we didn’t want to waste all our time queuing for rides. The best ride for me and my boyfriend was Singha, check it out if you are going there anytime soon. I’d recommend a more secure bikini for going there as a lot of the rides are fast so you don’t want to end up losing your bikini.

So as an anniversary present from my boyfriend he paid for us to go scuba diving with turtles. The company was called Zero Gravity diving and they were amazing. It was quite a scary experience at the start as trying to get use to breathing under water with the mouth piece was difficult but once you get use to it then there is nothing to worry about. I sadly never seen any turtles which I was sad but I still really enjoyed myself, it was an amazing present.

So apart from all the activities we mostly just sunbathed by the pool, I got very burnt the first day I sunbathed which wasn’t the best, and we went shopping quite a few times, as I love shopping. We played mini golf and pool a lot as me and my boyfriend love to play mini golf and pool  I won the most mini golf games and my boyfriend won the most games of pool.

I really hope you enjoyed this post! I’m so sad to be back from my amazing holiday, if you are looking to go away with your other half then Tenerife is an amazing place to choose!

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