L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mascara | Review

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After seeing this mascara used multiple times in peoples YouTube videos that I’m subscribed to, I ended up caving in and purchasing it.  I had a few favourite mascaras before finding this one so I was spectacle of trying a new one as all my favourites were high end and I knew my high end ones worked well with my lashes. I picked up the waterproof version from Superdrug when there was a 3 for 2 offer going on as I needed it for going on my holiday as I didn’t own a waterproof mascara.

What drew me in first was the packaging. It has this cute 50s vibe to it with the baby pink and pale blue top. Its very Instagram worthy (it has already made a feature on my Instagram). I really like the packaging on this mascara, it is really cute!

The wand on it is different to any of my other mascaras. It has little spirals all round it, it is meant to resemble a hair curler which I think it does. It really grabs all my lashes and coats them all in the mascara properly as some mascaras I have never catch the outer corner of my lashes properly.

I usually curl my lashes first and then wiggle the brush over my lashes and it leaves my lashes long and curled, it gives off the effect of false lashes which I love as I can’t apply false lashes properly. It really makes my lashes so fluttery and lengthened which I love in a mascara. Before using this mascara I did use 2 different mascaras to get the same look as what this mascara gives off so I am very happy to have found one that does the job that 2 mascaras do. I feel that the mascara is quite watery when first applied out the tube but it might because it hasn’t dried up slightly yet.

Top to Bottom – Without Miss Baby Roll, With Miss Baby Roll

The wear of this mascara I find is really good. Before buying I did read a few reviews that it didn’t wear long on peoples lashes and it flaked off but this doesn’t happen for me. It keeps my lashes curled all day long, even after I’ve had a nap. It doesn’t come off easily after rubbing my eyes and it doesn’t leave you with panda eyes.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this review off the Miss Baby Roll Mascara. What’s your favourite mascara?



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