July Favourites 

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So it’s come to that time again where I bombard you all with my favourite things of this month. July has flown in so quickly and I can’t believe its basically August. I’ve been loving so many things this month, both beauty and random, so here are all my favourites!


Beauty Favourites

Loreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara
I actually have a whole post dedicated to this mascara that goes into more depth  (L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mascara | Review) but I felt I had to talk about it in my favourites post. I literally use this mascara every day, it stays in my everyday makeup bag I love it that much.

Colourpop Highlighter in “Frosted”
So this highlighter has become my favourite glow for a night out. I partner it with Anastasia Beverly Hills “So Hollywood” Illuminator and my all time fav theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer. For $8 it is blinding, better than some more expensive highlighters I own.

Loreal Infallible Scuplt
After watching the Jaclyn Hill and Kim Kardashian collaborators video I have gotten so into cream contour again. I went through a stage a while back of cream contouring a lot and I’m back to that stage. I’ve been grabbing this product again because it is the only cream contour product I own but it is good for anyone on a budget or looking to start cream contouring.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub
After my holiday I came back with skin basically like a snake. My skin peeled so much and I needed something to help remove all this skin. I really like the harshness of the scrub as it helped remove my peeling skin after 3 years. The smell is also amazing, the Suagr Crush line from Soap and Glory is my favourite scent.

Random Favourites

Love Island
To be honest, who in the UK isn’t obsessed with Love Island? It has finished now which I am sad about but it has to be in my favourites as I’ve been watching it basically everyday for 7 weeks. I don’t think I’ve been this committed to a TV show before. So for those of you who don’t know what Love Island is it is a reality TV show where singles go into a villa to find love with each other. Love Island is available to catch up on ITV Hub so if you like the sound of it then go watch it, you’ll thank me later.

Kinder Chocolate
This genuinely is a random favourite of mine, it has come out of nowhere. I’ve always loved Kinder chocolate but over this month I’ve had a craving for it and have been eating tons of it. I feel my inner child has come out this month because I always associate Kinder Chocolate with my childhood. I tried Happy Hippos for the first time this month (I really don’t know why I have never had one before)  and I loved them, although I feel I might have to start having less chocolate as I don’t want to turn into a Kinder Chocolate bar.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all my favourites for July, what’s been your favourites for this month?







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