Best of Colourpop Cosmetics

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So by now I’m guessing everyone has heard of Colourpop, they are all over social media. What I love about Colourpop is that they are cheap and affordable but the quality of the products are amazing. I first heard about Colourpop through YouTube, especially from KathleenLights. I really wanted to try them but at the time they never shipped to the UK as they only starting shipping to the UK last year. Colourpop is still quite hard to get a hold of in the UK as shipping but the products are so worth it.

Colourpop have so many different products, ranging from liquid lipsticks to highlighters, and I haven’t tried them all just because there is such a vast range but here are my personal favourite products that Colourpop offer.

Super Shock Cheek Products

I was just going to talk about just the highlighters but I felt that all their Super Shock Cheek products needed the support to as they are all so good. They have a weird texture to them, kind of like a mousse but the pigment to them is amazing. The blushes apply a nice flush of colour to the face and create the look as if you are just blushing naturally and the highlighters especially are so blinding and are some of my favourite highlighters I own and are half the price of the high end ones I own. You can use them with a brush but I find the easiest way is to use my fingers as it put the product on better. My favourite highlighters are “Lunch Money”, “Flexitarian” and “Frosted”.

I also own one of the blushes in “Aphrodisac” and one of the bronzers in “Poolside” which is sadly discountined now.


Top to Bottom- Poolside, Aphrodisiac, Frosted, Flexitarian, Lunch Money

Lippie Sticks 

Out of all the lip products Colourpop do these have to be my favourite. They are so creamy and go onto the lips smoothly with no hassle and last all day on the lips, even the crème ones. The matte shades are so comfortable to wear in comparison to their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks which are so drying and uncomfortable on the lips after applying. My favourite shades are “Aquarius”, “Brink” and “I’m Yours” from the valentines collection.


Top to Bottom- Brink, Aquarius, I’m Yours

Super Shock Shadows 

I had to mention these as well as the Super Shock Cheeks as these are some of the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve ever used. They have the same texture to them as the Cheek products so I usually apply the shimmery shades with my finger as it applies better to the lid. I’ve never really used the Matte shadows that they offer but the shimmers are amazing on the lid, if it’s one thing you have to buy from this post it’s these. My favourite shades are “Kathleenlights”, “Weenie” and “Drift”.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Top to Bottom- KathleenLights, Drift, Weenie

Lippie Pencils 

These are the partner in crime to the Lippie Stix and like them, are amazing. They don’t snag on my lips when applying and are again like the Lippie Stix’s creamy. They stay on your lips through everything (even after a Nando’s) so are amazing underneath lipsticks. I only own 2 shades “Aquarius” (like the Lippie Stix) and “Skimpy” and I even have back ups for them when they run out as they are that good.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Top to Bottom- Skimpy, Aquarius

I hope you all enjoyed reading about my favourite Colourpop products, go check out the Colourpop website here to pick up some goodies for yourself ( Colourpop Website ).  If you’ve tried Colourpop then whats your favourite products?




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