My Current Brow Routine 

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Out of all the steps in my makeup routine my favourite has to be my brows. I have finally managed to get my brows into a shape that I love and they have become so easy to do especially when in a rush. I posted a photo on Instagram about a week ago of the products I use in my brow routine and a little light bulb moment went off in my mind like “why don’t I write a blog post about my brow routine”.

So let’s get into my Brow Routine ➡️

I’ll start off by giving you a quick little insight into how I maintain my brows before I get into how I fill them in. I get my eyebrows waxed and tinted every 4 weeks at a Benefit Brow Bar. For me they really make the best job of my brows compared to other beauty salons I’ve visited. I really like the girl who does my brows, I’ll always trust her to do my brows amazing.  I also just pluck any little stray hairs that pop up using my Tweezerman Tweezers.

So the first step in my brow routine is using Benefits Gimmie Brow in the shade “5” . This is my favourite tinted brow gel that I’ve tried. I love the teeny little brush on the Gimmie Brow as it really coats every hair and is good for the ends on my brows. So what I do is I run the Gimmie Brow through my brows using upward flicks and then once I’ve done that I go back through my brows using downward strokes. This just makes my brows so much fuller and helps define the shape of my brows ready for the rest of my products.

I then use the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in the shade “4”. I’ve used many different brands brow pencils in the past but I do really love this one. The colour matches my brows perfectly. I do hair like strokes throughout my brows so it makes them look more natural than drawn on. Then using the spoolie I brush my hairs downwards so that I can fill in the sparse parts underneath the hairs. I also slightly extend my brows at the ends so I just do the same hair like strokes but I press down a tad more so it is more harsher and defines the end of my brows.

If I still feel my brows need a bit more colour too them after I’ve used the brow pencil I go in with MAC’s “Charcoal Brown” eyeshadow on an angled brush from Sephora and brush the powder through the ends of my brows and I lightly brush it upwards in the front of my brows to make it look natural (I’ve used the word natural so many times in this post) rather than looking squared off at the start. Sometimes I find that this powder sets off the look as to fills in any little gaps that the brow pencil hasn’t.

And my final step is using the Benefit Ready Set Brow to make sure my brows last all day. This literally makes sure my brows don’t go anywhere, it’s like glue. After using this it really crisps up my brows (in a good way) so that my brow hairs don’t move at all. I brush my brow hairs up with this so it gives a more feathered brow look.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post and maybe learned some new techniques on how to fill in your brows. If you like the look on any of these products then head over to the Benefit Website (Benefit Website Link). What’s your favourite brow products?





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