Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask | Review

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So recently my skin has been hating me so bad. My skin is constantly covered in spots and it hasn’t seemed to clear up no matter what products I’ve tried using. So on a recently trip to Lush I decided I was going spend some money and give one of their face masks a try to see if it would help clear up my skin. I debated in the shop between getting the Cupcake fresh face mask as it says that it is for teenage skin and helps combat oils. I also read some of the reviews online and some said it helped clear their breakouts but I wasn’t fully convinced about it. I then seen the Cosmetic Warrior fresh face mask. This face mask screams healing spots. The reviews online were amazing, saying it really helped clear up people’s breakouts so I was sold instantly and made the purchase.


This face mask costs £7.25 for a 75g tub and is one of Lush’s many fresh face masks so it has to be kept in the fridge. The description says “This gentle face mask combats spots and soothes troubled skins” and contains fresh garlic, tea tree essential oil, kaolin and honey. I’ll link the page for it on the lush website here so you can read all the reviews and about the ingredients for yourself. I am going to admit something, the smell of this is horrible because of the garlic and it is strong so I can still smell it when it is on my face but it is bare-able and dies down after a few minutes.

The first time I used this I cleansed my skin before hand using the Biore Deep Pore Cleanser to make sure any makeup I had on that day was off and ready for the face mask. It says to apply a generous layer of the mask onto your face, which is what I did and left it for around  5-10 mins. After I washed it off, it left my face feeling really soft and one minute my face was the same as before the mask and the next some spots had shrunk in size or some spots that I didn’t even know existed on my face appeared which isn’t a bad thing as they healed quicker than usual.

Ive used this around 4 times now and I have seen a big difference in my skin especially on my forehead. All the under the skin spots I had all over my forehead have either completely gone or are still healing. I can notice a difference when I haven’t used this for a few days as my spots start to reappear so I’ve been trying to use this nearly every day but I do forget 🙈.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. If you suffer badly with spots then I’d really recommend picking up this face mask. If you have any recommendations for skincare that helps spot prone skin then tell me as I’d really like to know.


10 thoughts on “Lush Cosmetic Warrior Face Mask | Review

  1. LifewithAlexandra says:

    I always want to buy a lush facemask the chocolate one would be perfect for my skin but I’m worried for the price it won’t be worth it but I might give it a go now, I’m glad it’s working out for you. Great post. Could you please check out my latest ❤️

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