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Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So I start back uni this week for my 3rd year which is scary, I actually can’t believe I’ve only got 2 years left. Over the past month I have been buying all my new uni supplies and I now finally have everything I need for going back. I love shopping for new stationary and I love everything I’ve bought for uni this year. I tried to link all the items  that I’ve purchased but I did buy some of these a while back so I couldn’t find any of them online.

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So I was in IKEA and picked up a few of their stationary bits they have. I picked up 2 of their A4 UPPFATTA notebooks, one of my friends used this notebook last year and for the price of them I thought I’d use them this year. I also got some stickers, as who doesn’t love stickers they’ll look nice for decorating my uni notebooks to make them more pretty, and some post it notes as I like using them for sticking in my textbooks when I want remember key points.

Next shop went into was Poundland. I walked past the shop and seen on a window sticker that they had some folders. There were a few I really liked the look of but in the end I choose these two. They are lever arch folders compared to ring binders as these are big enough to fit all 3 of my modules lecture notes in. For £2 (I don’t know why they weren’t a £1) each they are so pretty, you’d never think they are from Poundland.

Seeing as I work in Saisnburys I thought it would have a look at their back to school range one day when I finished work. At the time I had a look all the range was in the sale so I got all my items for cheaper plus my colleague discount.

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I picked up a new pencil case as I’d had the same one for the past 2 years and felt I needed a change. I didn’t realise how expensive pencil cases were until I was looking at them so did debate not getting one until I found this small tartan one for £1.20. Its bigger than it looks as it fits a lot of pens plus 2 highlighters in it.

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I also picked up some Papermate InkJoy pens as these are one of my favourite brands of pens along with BIC 4 colour ones which I also picked up. I managed to get a pack of 18 for £3 so I have lots of different colours which is perfect for my lecture notes.

I then picked up a academic diary for keeping track of all my lecture and seminar times plus all my seminar tasks and assessment dates. I wanted a diary for this year so I can stay on top of things as I have a habit of losing track of time. It’s pink and sparkly and has little shells all over it, definitely mermaid vibes.

The final placed I shopped at was Paperchase. Usually I find Paperchase expensive but I shopped in the sale this time and picked up lots of nice items. They are all from the raindrop collection which is such a cute collection. I picked up the subject dividers for inside my new folders to divide up all my lecture notes as they were only £1.75. Also I picked up the ziplock folder and the A4 document wallets along with 3 of the refill paper pads. Ill link all the Paperchase items below as they are still available.

Subject Dividers-

A4 Zip Lock Folder-

A4 Document Wallets-

Refill Paper Pads-


I’m actually quite excited for going back to uni for the new year and I’m excited to continue my blog during uni.



5 thoughts on “University Supplies Haul

  1. Zora_M_ says:

    Thank you for this blog. I’m about to enter uni and its going to be my very first year. I’m excited and ready to shop for my university. I love stationary and I love to decor my notebooks. Pencil cases are really very expensive I agree.

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