Anti Haul

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I’ve been seeing lots of these videos pop up on my YouTube and I’m really enjoying watching them. I love seeing what makeup products people aren’t going to buy instead of what people are buying. I’ve been given some inpiration to write a post about all the products I’m not interested in buying. Now just because I’m saying I don’t want to buy these products doesn’t mean that they are bad products or that I’m hating on the brand as I’m not, I literally just don’t fancy spending my money on these products.
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette



I first seen this on TrendMood and I thought I had to have it but now I’ve seen it more I’m not as keen. The shades are nice but I wouldn’t say I’d use every colour in the palette, I’d mostly used the shades Amber, Saffron and Blazing but the shades Amethyst, Royal, Twilight and Retrograde would never get used as I never use those shades in general. I really liked the Rose Gold Palette so if I had to get one of the palettes it would be that one (even though it is getting discontinued). Also the £56 price tag it has also puts me off as thats a lot of money when you can get just as good eyeshadows and more eyeshadows for cheaper.

KKW Beauty


Now I do love Kim Kardashian West and I did buy her collab with Kylie Cosmetics (I’ll link it here) so this may come as a surprise that I don’t want to buy her products. For me in the UK it is quite difficult to get hold off as the shipping cost is $14.95 just from the website but once it gets to the UK I then get charged with customs fees which would probably be about £20/30 which is very expensive. The products themselves are pricey as the creme contour sticks cost $48 and the powder contour kits cost $52. They do come with a brush but they are still pricey. The powder kits look good but the creme sticks have not much product in them for the price of them. I’m sure Rimmel brought out a similar product not long after this collection launch so that could be a drugstore dupe.

Too Faced I Want Kandee Collection


This collection just haven’t caught my eye at all. I like the concept of the collection but nothing in this collection has made me go “Wow I want it”. The palette just doesn’t do anything for me as its very samey and I can get those shades in palettes I already own. The only product I’d buy from this collection if I had to would be the nude lipsticks but thats at a push. Out of the 2 new collections Too Faced have released I’d rather spend my money on the Peaches and Cream collection.

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir


I must be one of the very few people who haven’t gotten into this hype. I see this used all over Instagram and in those Instagram makeup tutorials. I feel i probably would buy this but it costs £50, like what. That is so expensive for a face oil and one of the things I wonder about is if it actually works, i mean it does have amazing reviews but is it actually worth the £50 price tag, I wouldn’t want to purchase it for it to not be worth it. Again I feel I keep on saying this but I’m sure you can find a cheaper alternative in Boots or Superdrug.

Colourpop I Think I Love U Palette 


I am on the fence about this product so that’s why I am including this in this post. This palette does look really pretty and I would use this palette a lot in the autumn/winter time but it is just so neutral. There is only 4 mattes in the palette and for me that isn’t enough to create a full eye look.The shimmers do look pretty and pigmented but some of them look similar to shadows I have already in my collection. I’m sure I can find other palettes with similar shades in it and easier to get hold off as Colourpop is hard to get hold off in the UK because of shipping and customs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Anti Haul, what products are you not going to be buying?


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