A Little Primark Haul

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I popped into my local Primark last Friday to have a little browse around after watching a few peoples Primark Hauls and it seemed like there was so much nice stuff in. I love Primark, they’ve really upped their game recently and I thought seen as I bought a few items I’d haul them for you.


First off, I picked up a new bobble hat for myself as I love these in the autumn/winter time. I love my 2 Topshop ones I own so when I seen this cute one for only £2 compared to £14 from Topshop I couldn’t not pick it up as I always end up not picking things up when I see them and then when I do want to get them they aren’t there. So it’s just this cute little grey one with a pink fluffy pom pom on top. There was so many nice ones in Primark so I’ll definitely be going back to pick up some more to add to my collection.


I then picked up 2 cropped jumpers as I love Primark’s jumpers. These are so soft and kind off fleece lined esc on the inside as I don’t like when the inside of a jumper doesn’t match the softness of the outside of the jumper. I picked up the maroon shade first then went back for the pale baby pink shade as I loved them both and didn’t want to miss out on getting them both. Primark jumpers are so comfy, I bought a few last year and for £5 you can’t go wrong, good staples for autumn.


The final clothing item I picked up were these set of PJs that I seen in Saffron Barkers Primark Haul. I love sloths so as soon as I seen these in the video I went as quickly as I could to go get them. The top is a pale brown shade with a big sloth on it and has “So Sleepy, lets dream all day” underneath and the bottoms are a pale pink with tons of sloths on them and the bottoms are cuffed. They are so cute, perfect for autumn and my love of sloths have continued.

I picked up 2 beauty items as I’ve never tried Primark’s beauty range before so was keen to give it a try. I picked up the mini Hydration Mist with Aloe and Cucumber which was only 90p. This could easily be a dupe for the Mario Badescu Aloe and Cucumber Water spray so you can save so money.

I also picked up the PS Love Primer Water as I’ve seen this floating about YouTube and social media a lot so wanted to give it a try. I’m hoping this’ll be a good dupe for the MAC Fix + as I’d rathar spend £2 on this than £18 on the Fix +.

I really need to go for a proper long look and shop round Primark next time as I felt I never gave myself enough time to properly browse everything, especially the Homeware section.

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