Primark PS… Primer Water | Review

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So in my Primark haul (I wrote a blog post about it, I’ll link it here A Little Primark Haul) I done a few weeks ago I said I picked up the PS… Primer Water. Now so many brands have primer waters now a days like Smashbox, Nip and Fab and of course MAC with Fix + but I have never wanted to spent the money on a full sized bottle incase it was a gimmick and it doesn’t actually work and I’ve wasted my money. I have a mini bottle of Fix + which I do really like now I’ve tried it but I have heard a bit about the Primark one on YouTube and thought I’d give it a try seen as it was only £2 so if I find it is a dupe then I’ll be saving so much money.

I’m going to give this a proper review and review it as a primer for my makeup, I’ll be doing updates throughout the day, as well as a way to intensify shimmery eyeshadows. I’m also going to compare it with my Fix + as I love using Fix + to intensify eyeshadows so I’ll be comparing the two to see if its a dupe.


For a little primer battle I sprayed one half of my face with the primark primer water and the other with my NYX prep start primer spray. I was going to just compare it to a normal primer but I remembered I had another primer spray so wanted to keep it even. I used the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation as I went for quite a natural minimal makeup look. Just after I applied my makeup I’d say it just looked like any ordinary primer on my skin, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was a primer water I had one but I’ll see how well it copes throughout the day.

2 Hour Update

Just after I finished uni (which is roughly 2 hours after I’d applied the makeup) I checked to see what my makeup looked like. On the primark side it did look slightly more oily on my nose. All the makeup had came off my chin on both sides so none of them held up well on my chin but apart from that my makeup was still wearable without having to get topped up.

5 Hour Update

I’d done a lot of walking by this point so my makeup was looking quite shiny on both sides. My nose looked even more oily on the primark side and my forehead was also shiny. The NYX side also looked shiny but not as bad as on the primark side. My makeup had basically worn off on the primark side and didn’t look wearable and needed a top up.

End Of The Day 

By the time I went to remove my makeup the Primark side it looked like I had no makeup on. Basically all my makeup had come off and my face looked very shiny, like a disco ball. On the NYX side you could see I had some makeup on but it was borderline gone. My face was shiny but it would be bareable if I was to go out with it like that. The primark side looked good for a short time but not for all day.


For the comparison I used the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette and the shade Luscious as it’s one of the most shimmery shades in the palette. The side that’s just an ordinary swatch from a brush is still extremely pigmented but not as shimmery, it is more toned down compared to the side with primark primer water swatch as it’s so much more glittery and shimmery.


I cannot tell the difference! I don’t know if it’s that certain shadow and that others might be different but this worked just as good as Fix+. I’d say the Fix+ side is just a tad more pigmented but not much more than the primark side but it’s not something that you could notice on the eyes.


I do like this for spritzing up my makeup after a few hours to keep it fresh but as I primer I wouldn’t use this.  I’d use this on top of another primer if I really wanted to but it didn’t hold up well on my skin as a primer on its own.

It work really well for intensifying eyeshadows, it really gives them a pop. The bottle would last for ages if that’s all you were using it for seen as it’s quite a big bottle. A cheap way to make shimmery eyeshadows better!

Now I do think this is a dupe for MAC Fix+. Both swatches looked the same side by side, I was so impressed by it plus it’s so much more affordable than Fix+, I’ll be using this more over my Fix+ to prolong the life of my Fix+.

I hope this has helped you decide whether this product or primer waters in general are worth the money, maybe you’ve been undecided about this product for a while and this has made your mind up.




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