What’s In My Uni Bag

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So in my final post about going back to uni I’ve decided to treat to all to whats inside my uni bag. I think it’s perfect seen as I’m already back at uni so I know exactly what’s in my bag everyday. So far third year at uni is a lot harder than expected so I’ve been needing to carry a lot more in my bag than the previous 2 years.

Again from my what’s in my travel bag post (I’ll link it here if you haven’t read it) I have the Fjallraven Kraken backpack in “Forest Green” that is my uni bag for this year. I use to use my satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company but it always hurt my shoulder when it was really full and it never fit that much stuff into it so I really wanted to get a backpack for this year as all my friends had backpacks and loved them so this fit the bill perfectly.

I don’t need to take my uni textbooks for my modules in everyday, only on the certain days I need them. I only have 2 textbooks for my modules this year compared to around 5 last year.

For other uni books I have my IKEA notebook which I use in my seminar/tutorial classes. I put in some old PUKKA PAD dividers from their project notebook so that I have different sections for all my modules. I also have my blue folder from Poundland that has all my lecture notes inside along with an old Oxford refill notepad to take my notes. I use the raindrop dividers from Paperchase to divide up all my modules and I also keep inside a plastic folder for each module for any loose paper.

I keep my IKEA notebook in the back pocket of the main compartment along with my academic diary as it keeps them all out the way because I don’t always need them out and I keep my blue folder in the main compartment along with my pencil case. If I ever have to take my MacBook with me I put that in the back pocket long with my notebook because it’s secure inside there and not moving about in the main compartment.

I then have a little black purse from Primark which has my student card inside. I keep that in there all the time so I never forget it (as if I did I wouldn’t be able to get to my classes) and I keep some loose change for if I want to buy anything from the shop or from canteen for lunch.

A new addition to my bag is a little beauty bag from Clinque which is kept in the main compartment. I don’t go to uni and update my makeup while there so there isn’t any makeup in there but I always find I need some staple beauty products when there and I never have them. I have a lip balm, hand cream, tissues as you never know when they might come in handy, some girly products – just because- and some tablets incase I ever get a headache.

I usually keep a bottle of water in the side pocket of the bag as I hate buying a new bottle of water every time I go into uni so I bring a bottle from home so I can fill it up when I need it. I really want to buy a fancier water bottle rather than just a plain Highland Spring bottle but I’ve not found one I really want to splurge on.

In the smaller pocket at the front of the bag I keep my car keys so they are out of the way as I have tons of keyring’s on them. I also keep my earphones in there for the times I’m at uni on my own doing work and need music to drown out the sounds in the library.

I know my uni bag isn’t that interesting but I like seeing what’s in other peoples bags/uni bags because it gives me inspirations on what to take in my own bag. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03



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