Fenty Beauty by Rihanna – Review

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So by now you’ll will have heard and seen Fenty Beauty floating about the blogging community, YouTube and Instagram. I’d say it’s definitely one of the biggest makeup launches of the year so far and if I’m going to be honest, at first I wasn’t interested in the brand at all. I thought it was going to be another brand like Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty (I’m not saying they are bad brands because they’re not, I love Kylie Cosmetics) but I thought it was just another celebrity making her own makeup brand. Oh how I was mistaken, Rihanna has killed the makeup game.

I was actually shook when I seen on Instagram that she brought out 40 foundation shades plus contour and highlight sticks, a primer, a powder, a lip gloss and of course the highlighters. As soon as I seen the collection all over social media I knew that I had to buy some of it. I knew I wanted to try the foundation and the primer as I’ve been on the hunt for a new primer for a while and a new foundation that’s full coverage. I didn’t consider buying any of the highlighters, as I really didn’t need a new highlighter, until on the day. Bought one slightly on a whim. None of the other products interested me when I first saw them but I really want to try the Gloss Bomb now after hearing so many reviews on it.

I thought that I was going to have to purchase the collection on Sephora as that was the only place I’d seen Fenty Beauty being sold apart from their own website but luckily Harvey Nichols in the UK actually stock it. How amazing for us people in the UK as it makes getting a hold of it so much easier than having to pay lots for shipping and customs plus it’s in all Harvey Nichols stores so its easy to get matched to the foundation.

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So I went into Harvey Nichols as quick as I could and picked up the primer, the foundation in the shade 160, which I got colour matched too, and the Killawatt highlighter in the shade “Trophy Wife” (obviously). Overall I spent £76 as the foundation costs £26 which is way cheaper than I expected it to be when I first seen the launch, the primer was £24 and the highlighter was also £26. I love the packaging for this. The boxes are so pretty, it has grungy vibes with graffiti on the highlighter box but the actual products feel luxurious and high end. The primer and the foundation come in a frosted glass bottles with Fenty Beauty down the sides. They are so sleek and frosted glass just screams high end to me. The highlighter has this honeycomb style packaging, it’s white with a glittery finish and has Fenty Beauty on top. It is difficult to open so I have to watch I don’t dent the actual highlighter when I open it.

I’ve had all these products for over a month now so I’ve gave myself plenty of time to properly test them all out and get my final thoughts. So now onto the review of the actual products.

Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer

I actually really like this primer. Primers for me are usually misses, I’ve never found one that works well on me. This preps my skin so well for the foundation (I’ve not tried it with other foundations) and it really does keep my makeup for a long time. I’ve been applying it with a brush (a technique I learned from Rachel Leary) and I feel this really helps make it tacky for my foundation to stick to. I would admit as much as I do love this it is a lot of money for a primer and there may be some cheaper dupes out there.

Pro Filter Soft Matte Longer Foundation

The foundation is now one of my favourite foundations. I can build it to such a full coverage using my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and it looks flawless and not cakey which other foundations do. I always go over it with my sponge just to make sure everything is evenly blended as it is a watery foundation formula so thats why I find it better to blend it in with a brush then go over the top with a sponge. It does oxidise a tad but once its oxidised it doesn’t continue doing it throughout the day. I could use with one shade lighter now its the autumn/ winter as I’ve lost any bit of tan I had left on my face but 160 still looks good on me.

The look of the foundation on the skin is flawless, it looks like my skins been photoshopped. It looks good and smooth in photos and after a few hours doesn’t start crumbling on my face compared to other foundations. I haven’t tried to wear this with a lighter coverage but I feel it could be possible, I’ll give it a try one day and report back to you.

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in “Trophy Wife”


I was skeptical about Trophy Wife. I loved the look of it in the pan and on darker skin tones but I did think this won’t work for me. It is really gold and for me being very fair I thought it would just look like a gold stripe on my cheekbones but when I tried this on my skin it actually looked really nice and blinding, I use my sponge to blend it into the skin and it really makes a difference. I also use this on the lid as an eyeshadow, I love it for that as I don’t have a shade like that in my collection. When swatched on the back of my hand it is quite chunky and glittery. On my skin it does look chunky but after blending it out it looks really nice. I would say this highlighter looks better on full glam makeup rather than a natural no makeup look though.

My overall verdict of Fenty Beauty is, drum roll, I love it. Its such a good launch and all the products I’ve tried so far are amazing. I can’t wait to see what other things get released into the collection (The holiday collection has been revealed and she’s upping her game). I will definitely be repurchasing my current Fenty Beauty products and investing in some more in the collection.







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