Makeup Revolution x Soph Does Nails Palettes | Swatches and Review

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I did start writing a different post for today but I couldn’t get into the swing of it so I changed course and decided to talk about 2 of my favourite palettes at the minute. If you’ve never heard of Sophdoesnails on YouTube you should go over and check out her channel, I only started subscribing to her recently but she makes really good videos. She recently just done a collab with Makeup Revolution and when I watched her reveal video I was sold instantly. I loved how she showed how her palettes worked in the video so I knew I was going to be buying a really good product and what looks I could do with her palettes. She brought out a 24 eyeshadow palette that’s £10 and a highlighter palette with 8 highlighters for £8.

You can get the palette from and in Superdrug, I bought mine from TamBeauty as I bought them on the day they launched.  My experience with shopping on TamBeauty was really good (I’ve never shopped from their before), it arrived very quickly. I ordered on the 13th of September, it got dispatched on the 15th and it arrived on the 16th!

The packaging for the palettes is a nude pink colour with rose gold writing with Soph x on the front of both palettes. The box of the eyeshadow palette has a pink water colour that I’m sure that Soph done herself, it’s very pretty. I love the packaging, it looks more high end that what it actually is and if it didn’t have Makeup Revolution on it I’d think it was a high end brand.

Bottom Photo Swatches Bottom to top- Penguin, Grow Old, Cloudberry, Strawberry Sweets, Pancakes, Sparks Fly, Pumpkin, Festive Flame, Fairy Lights, Smokey Bronze, Pine Tree, Copper Coin, Pink Champagne, Mixed Berries, Petrol, Mug Cake
Top Right Photo Swatches L to R- Iced Coffee, Tiramisu, Pug, Rosewood, Cuppa Tea, Peaches, Danger, Nightmare

I’ll start off by talking about the eyeshadow palette as I have to say this has to be my favourite. You get 24 shades with an even spilt of mattes and shimmers. The mattes are pigmented, some of the lighter toned shades not as much when swatched but on the eyes they are pigmented, which for a drugstore palette is amazing, usually I find drugstore mattes to be really patchy and not very pigmented. The shimmers are very pigmented even when dry, he one that swatched the best I say would be Sparks Fly. I love the shade names for the shadows, some of them I’ve never heard used before. I think Soph really thought a lot about the names of the shadows, I love the names Cuppa Tea, Pancakes, Festive Flame and Rosewood because Soph is a big PLL fan.


I love the different shades in the palette, especially the warm tones. It’s a very autumnal palette in my eyes, it creates some really lovely orange/red eye looks. I wouldn’t say that there is one shade in the palette I won’t eventually use, I’m very excited to try the Mixed Berries shade and I need to find a way to wear the Petrol shade, it reminds me of the MAC Blue Brown pigment.


The highlighter palette is just amazing. It’s roughly around £1 per highlighter which is a good price to pay for good quality highlighters. There are so many shades to cater for everyone, even with my fair skin so many of the shades work. They aren’t chunky or glittery on the skin, they glide on smoothly and blend into the skin well. For being a drugstore palette the shades are blinding, I even find some of my higher end palettes don’t match up to this! My favourite shade is the 3rd shade, it’s a true gold shade which is my favourite kind of highlighter.

I’m definitely going to be taking both these palettes on any holidays I go on now as I can create so many looks with the eyeshadow palette and there is a massive mirror so its convenient if there isn’t a mirror. They are both travel sizes so perfect for fitting in my makeup bag. I love that the highlighter palette has 8 shades so I wouldn’t have to take around 3 or 4 separate highlighters.

I really love this collab, it’s good quality and really cheap too. I’m so glad it isn’t limited edition because I will be repurchasing both of the palettes (I may even just buy a spare as a just incase). They will both become my little travel buddies and save me the hard time of picking what eyeshadows and highlighters to take on holiday with me. For £18 in total for both palettes you really are getting the good steal.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03


7 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution x Soph Does Nails Palettes | Swatches and Review

  1. originallymy says:

    That eyeshadow palette looks amazing, I’m absolutely in love with the shades (and the names, as you mention as well)! Other Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes hasn’t really impressed me though but I might have to give this a go anyway, it seems like a shame not to… *me reasoning regarding whether or not I should by more makeup*

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