ABH Modern Renaissance Dupe? Bad Habit Royals Eyeshadow Palette | Review

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A few months ago I made an order on ShopHush (I’ll link it here) because of a Youtube video I watched about the Royals palette from Bad Habit Beauty and I fell in love with this palette. The reason I knew I wanted this palette was because it looked like a dupe for the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette which I have wanted for a while and it’s over half the price.

The Royals Palette has 14 eyeshadows in it which is identical to the Modern Renaissance palette and layout of the shadows is slightly similar. Now I can’t compare swatches because I don’t own the Modern Renaissance palette (poor show I know) but from looking at photos and the YouTube video there are a few shades in the Royals palette that look identical to some in the Modern Renaissance, for example Cyrpus Umber in the MR and Grand in the Royals palette. I do look at the Royals palette and think Modern Renaissance. The Royals palette cost me $10 so around £7.75 compared to £41 that the Modern Renaissance costs. I should really get the Modern Renaissance now to compare the 2 but I really don’t want to spend the £41 on it.

The shipping to get the palette is quite pricing, its $20 for shipping over here to the UK which is pricing when the palette only costs $10 so I’d say place a big order so you are getting your moneys worth of the shipping. I also got charged customs, I can’t remember how much I got charged, which is rubbish but I kind off guessed I would seeing as I was shipping from the US.

Now for the review of the actual Royals Palette. The packaging on this palette is very pretty with a pink marble effect on the with the name of the palette in gold. I love that it has a mirror as you can’t go wrong with having a mirror, it makes doing eyeshadow on the go easier. The palette is quite slim which is handy for travelling but it is long in length so slightly makes it too big for travelling if you get me, it wouldn’t fit in my makeup bag. There’s only 3 shimmer shades in the palette with the rest all mattes so not a good range in my eyes, I like when there is an even spilt or around an even spilt. I would probably have to dip into other palettes for shimmers as there isn’t always an occasion where the shimmers in this palette match the look I’ve done.

Bottom to top- Queen, Treasury, Primrose, Noble, Honor, Regal, Grand, Crown, Opulent, Heir, Throne, Reign, Monarch, Majestic

The shades are all really pigmented, there wasn’t one of the shadows that didn’t swatch well which for a palette that’s only $10 it rivals palettes that are about £30/£40. I go in with a light hand with these shadows just because of how pigmented they are but its better them being pigmented than being patchy. I love the look of the purple shade Majestic , I’ve not used it on the eyes yet but swatches make it look stunning. It’s a very warm toned palette, which is my favourite kind, but there are also some browns in there too for more bronzier looks.

Bad Habit Beauty have just brought out 2 palettes duping the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and the Urban Decay Naked Heat so I may or may not have to purchase them to give them a review and see if they are worthy dupes.

I would say if you’ve been thinking about buying the Modern Renaissance for a while but don’t want to spend the money on it I’d say try this one out first as its got very similar shades and it is very pigmented for the price but if you do live in the UK then be aware of the pricey shipping.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03




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