10 Year Old’s Do My Makeup

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Since I was young I’ve been going to a local Girls Brigade club and now over the years I’ve become a leader in the company I go to.  It’s actually quite fun and I really enjoy to seeing all the girls grow up over the years of being a leader. This year I’ve been in charge of running one the badges the girls have to do to get their award at the end of the year and I decided to do personal hygiene as the girls are aged around 10-12 so personal hygiene is going to start to become a major thing they’ll have to do. I wanted to do a makeup masterclass with them as I know so many younger girls nowadays love wearing makeup and watching YouTube makeup videos so thought why not show them all my tips and tricks. I’m by no means saying I’m a makeup artist or anything of the sort but I do enjoying doing makeup so as a starter I thought my tips may be useful. I’ve never seen a post like this done before so I thought I’d be the first to start.

I done a simple walk through tutorial of how to apply the usual face products like foundation, concealer etc on one half of my face and then let them re create the look on the other half. I was actually impressed with how well they done. I would admit they didn’t blend anything into my skin properly, they swiped it on rather than blending it and my bronzer was muddy but everything else looked similar to the other side. I wouldn’t wear it out at all but for them learning from a 20 minute tutorial I was impressed.

I then moved onto to a simple eye makeup, look of just a few browns in the crease and a gold/coppery lid using the Morphe 35W palette. I find those type of eye makeup looks easy to do in a short period of time. I explained different blending brushes to them and different techniques I use when applying eyeshadow while doing the look. They didn’t do well on the eyeshadow front, they never blended properly on the outer part of my eye as there was a massive splodge of brown where tons of product had been put on and I think there was a lot of shadow under my eyes, tons of fallout. They never took the same amount of time blending as what I did but it’s all to do with experience in putting on makeup. I could really tell the difference in the eyemakeup looks.

Finally on the lips I went a tad bold and went for a red lip. I hardly ever wear red lips as I sometimes find them hard to do well so allowing 10-12 year old girls to do it was a a risk. I was so surprised at how good they outlined my lips using the lip liner and didn’t go intense on the lipstick. My lips looked even, I really liked my lips.

So the first photo is the side I done and the the second photo is the side the girls done.

Overall I feel they done a really good job. They could be little makeup artists in the making. I was really nervous about doing it as I thought I was going to end up looking like Coco the clown but as much as I wouldn’t go out to the shops or anything wearing this look, I never felt the need to take it off straight away. I know this is a different kind of post for me but I really hope you’ve enjoyed it.
Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03


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