My Halloween Costume


Happy Halloween everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I’ve really loved the run up to Halloween this year, I’ve gotten really into it especially makeup looks (I done a post of some makeup looks, go check it out). One reason was because I was so excited for my halloween costume, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a halloween outfit more than this one. I seen the idea for the costume on Pinterest when I was looking for an idea of what to go as (Pinterest is amazing for inspiration for halloween costumes if you ever need one) and I knew that was what I had to go as. It was super easy and simple to do as I had a lot of the items already in my clothes drawers so I never had to fork out lots of money on a costume.


So my costume for halloween this year was Agnes from Despicable Me. I love Despicable Me and Agnes, I thought it would be an amazing costume that not many people would go as. It was such an easy look and costume to do which was perfect for me as I didn’t have much time to get ready.

I mixed the makeup up as obviously Agnes is just a little girl so she wouldn’t be wearing any makeup but I still wanted to wear some as its halloween and I wanted to go in with my makeup. My eye makeup was inspired by the fluffy unicorn Agnes has so I used pinks in the crease to resemble the mane of the unicorn and a white glittery shimmery lid to resemble to body. I did put a gold in the inner corner to resemble the horn but it never showed up that much which was disappointing.  For my hair I tied it up in a really high ponytail, I tried to get it right in the centre of my head but it was slightly more towards to back of my head. I pulled out some baby hairs to frame my face and because Agnes has some hair out of the ponytail. I finished off the hair a red scrunchie from Primark to match Agnes.

Products Used

Morphe Single Eyeshadow in “Gum Drop”
Pur Cosmetics x Trolls Eyeshadow Palette using “Poppy”
Makeup Revolution x SophDoesNails Eyeshadow Palette using “Strawberry Sweets”
Tarte Shape Tape
PaintGlow Glitter Fix Gel
PaintGlow Glitter Shaker in “White”
Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood Highlighter


For my actual costume I bought this yellow and black striped top of Depop but its originally from BooHoo for around £7. When looking at photos of Agnes’s t-shirt it looked like it was yellow and red striped but other photos looked yellow and black so thats why I went in with a yellow and black one. I didn’t buy any new dungarees for this as I already had a pair which I bought from New Look last year. I did debate about getting a lighter shade of denim as Agnes’s dungarees are a lighter denim than mine but why buy a pair just for one night and then I’d maybe not wear them again. I added 2 red buttons from Hobby Craft to the straps as Agnes’s dungarees as hers has some red buttons on them. I bought some yellow sports socks from TopShop for £3.50 and I rolled my dungarees up as Agnes has hers rolled up and so you could see the socks. I paired all this with my white converse.

Finally I finished off the whole look with of course Agnes’s fluffy unicorn. I couldn’t not go as Agnes without having the unicorn as that’s one of the main scenes Agnes features in and has her famous catchphrase. If you haven’t seen Despicable Me then I’ll add a link to a little clip of Agnes and her unicorn down below as its one of my favourite scenes in the film. I picked up my unicorn from Sainsbury’s as it was in the sale for £10 and it’s the same unicorn as is in the film.


It’s so fluffy

I really hope you’ve enjoyed finding out what I went as for halloween, I kept it very top secret on all my social medias as I wanted to tell you all first in this post. What are you all going as for halloween, I’d love to know!

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03

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