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Recently I’ve been on a makeup splurge and bought new makeup from BeautyBay. They had a 20% off if you spent £50 and I’d seen a few things on their website that I wanted so it was perfect timing. I spent around £52 but once I got the discount it was roughly around £41.50 which I think is good seeing as I got around 5 items. I also picked up some products from Essence and MAC a few weeks ago which I’ve already featured over on my Instagram but I thought I’d include them in this haul too as they are technically new. I’m so bad with buying new makeup, I do it all the time but I hadn’t bought new makeup in a while before this haul so I thought it was justified.

I bought 3 items from Essence which I picked up in Wilko as that’s the only place I’ve seen selling Essence in store. I seen they were selling the Camouflage Concealer which I’ve seen a lot on my Instagram so it was a must. I love that Essence is so affordable so I picked up the only 2 shades in the shop, number 5 Ivory and number 10 Nude. They only cost £2.50 each which is amazing for a concealer and I actually really like it. I’ve tried their Stay All Day concealer which I love too but this is more of a heavy duty one, not as heavy duty as Tarte Shape Tape but still full coverage. It doesn’t come out the tube well, I find I do have to dip in and out of the tube a few times before getting the amount of product I want but once its applied it is a really nice concealer. I like it for my everyday concealer under my eyes, it works really well.

I then picked up the Matt Matt Matt longlasting lipgloss in American Girl which is basically a brown, that’s the only way I can describe it. I have a nude colour in this and love it but this colour is so patchy. I really like the colour but it doesn’t apply properly, one swipe is so thick but when I try and even it out and it goes patchy. It’s disappointing compared to the other one I have. I think the mousse texture it has makes it hard to apply but I hope I can find a way to make it work as its such a pretty colour.

I bought my first ever MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick from the Cosmetic Company Outlet. I got it for £12.25 which is around £5 cheaper than usual. If you’ve never heard of the Cosmetics Company Outlet before its basically a shop where MAC, Estee Lauder, Smashbox etc products are at a discounted prices. I got the shade “Fleshstone” which I’m positive I’ve heard a lot of YouTubers talk about it. I find the formula really wearable, comfortable on the lips which is a bonus as I hate when my liquid lipsticks are uncomfortable to wear after a while. The shade quite a different shade for me as its a pale mauve grey, it definitely isn’t my usual shade but I really love it.I’m going to try and find ways to wear this as it is quite a hard colour to pair looks with.

Finally onto the stuff I picked up from BeautyBay. I picked up another concealer (like I need another one), the LA Girl Pro Conceal which I’ve heard a lot about. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be my shade when I seen it online and when I took it out the box but it does match me well. I use this under my eyes but I would prefer this in a shade lighter as the shade Porcelain is a similar shade to my skin tone and I prefer a lighter concealer shade for under my eyes. One thing is I really don’t like the applicator on this, it’s a brush tip and it does not apply the product well. I’d much rather have a doefoot applicator, they apply product so much better. I do like this concealer though, it does conceal my under eyes well enough but I don’t find it that full coverage, more of a medium coverage.

I went a tad ham with eye makeup brushes but I’ve been on the hunt to get new blending brushes for ages. I got the BH Cosmetics number 12 brush as it had good reviews for it being only £3. It’s just a standard large fluffy blending brush, perfect for blending out the edges of my eyeshadow. I got 4 Morphe brushes: E23 , M200, M330 and MB15. The M200 and M330 are more tapered brushes which I needed as I don’t have many tapered brushes in my collection for in my crease. The MB15 is small dense packing brush which I think I’m going to use to build up shadow on my outer V because it is so dense and the E23 is similar to the BH Cosmetics one, just a fluffy blending brush.

The reason I made a purchase on BeautyBay was because of the Morphe 25A palette. I done a poll on Instagram asking what palette to get out of the 25A or the 35O2 and basically everyone said this one. It’s my perfect winter palette with all the golds, coppers and browns. I would say its quite a generic palette, there are probably a lot of dupes out there but I love the colours in this palette and how compact it is. It’s one of the smaller Morphe palettes which is so much better taking places as it fits easier in bags. The mattes are creamy and pigmented and the shimmers are intense without using Fix+ or anything like that. They easily blendable when on the eyes and the shimmers don’t even need Fix+ on the brush which is a bonus. I can see myself using this a lot during the winter months and Christmas period, gold eyes scream Christmas to me and this palette does this.

I feel I need to go on a spending ban but that’s never going to happen, I love buying makeup too much especially since I’ve seen Sephora are doing a 15% soon which I feel I may take advantage off (I currently have a basket of £181). I’d love any recommendations for new makeup, especially items from Sephora that aren’t as easy to get hold off over here. I love trying out new products so expect to see a new haul soon.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03

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