November Favourites

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I can’t believe it’s the 7th of December already. I did expect to have this post up earlier then what I have but I’ve been so stressed out with my exam. It has been so hard in November to figure out what products I’ve been loving the most as I’ve been using so many new and amazing products. If you’re interested in what I’ve been loving in November then just continue reading.


Soph Does Nails x Makeup Revolution Palettes 

There was no way I couldn’t no feature these in my favourites as I’ve been loving them all month and keep constantly reaching for them. My favourite out of the 2 has to be the highlighter palette, all the shades are blinding which is amazing for a drugstore palette. The top row are my most used shades as they suit my skin tone more. I’ve been reaching for the eyeshadow palette on an everyday basis with just using “Cuppa Tea” in the crease. I’ve done a whole post dedicated to these palettes so if you want to read more about these then I’ll link the post here.

Essence Full Coverage Camouflage Concealer 

I’ve literally been using this concealer every single day in November. I have 2 shades of this concealer as I love using it for my under eyes and on blemishes. It does such a good job at covering up any blemishes and redness on my face. I don’t use this concealer for my under eyes if I’m going full on glam but for a simple everyday look then this is my go to.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara 

You can see I’ve really been loving Essence Makeup. I’ve had this mascara since the summer, I loved it then but I think since its dried out a tad it works even better. This really gives my lashes so much length, it doesn’t give much volume but I pair it with my KIKO mascara and it does the trick for length and volume. I love how affordable this mascara is, it literally costs £3.30! Like how cheap is that and it is amazing.

Kylie Cosmetics 22 Lipstick 

This has been my go to red lipstick. I usually don’t like wear red lipstick as it never usually looks nice on me but this one actually suits me really well. The lipstick itself is really comfortable to wear, I only put a thin layer of it on as any more and it becomes really thick and uncomfortable on the lips which I usually find happens with Kylie lipsticks.


Primark Mickey Mouse Back Pack

This backpack is one of the cutest bags I’ve ever owned. Someone I work with has this bag and it made me really want to get it but I never seen it in any Primark after I’d seen her with it until I was in my local Primark in October and I bought it straight away. I use it all the time as it’s the perfect size for just popping out or to take to work. I love the backpack on its own but the added little Mickey Mouse ears on the bag and the key-rings on the zip really add to my Disney love.

Primark Red Tartan Skirt 

I really needed a new winter scarf as it was getting colder and colder in the mornings going to uni and this scarf is basically a blanket. I could wrap this round myself so many times, it keeps my cosy. I really wanted a red tartan scarf that’s really cosy and will keep me warm over those thin material scarfs.


 Blue Planet 2 

How can this not be a favourite? I love everything related to David Attenborough and when I seen Blue Planet 2 was happening it was obvious I was going to watch it. I cannot pick an episode that’s my favourite as they are all different but they are all so good in their own way. I love how close they get to all the animals and it’s amazing what footage they get.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my November favourites, what has been your November favourites?

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