Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation | Review

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I really didn’t need a new foundation as I’ve recently managed to build up quite a collection of them but here I am with a review of a new foundation. I picked up the new Maybelline Superstay foundation a few weeks ago after watching SophDoesNails on YouTube do a review about it. It looked amazing on her and her review seemed really positive and that obviously meant I had to buy it. I’ve only ever tried one Maybelline foundation before, the Matte and Poreless which I do like so I was hoping for good things with this new one.

This foundation is said to be transfer proof and be able to last 24 hours on the skin which is a really bold claim for Maybelline. I’d never personally wear a foundation for 24 hours because one that’s a very long time and two I’d never have an excuse to wear a foundation for 24 hours. It costs £9.99 and comes in 12 different shades.

I picked up the shade True Ivory which is the lightest shade they do. I tried to get this off ASOS as I get student discount their but the shade was sold out sadly and Superdrug didn’t stock that shade so I picked it up in Boots instead. The packaging is just a simple glass bottle with a white plastic lid with stickers for the labels. It’s very drugstore looking but it does look better than some other drugstore foundations I’ve had and it’s only £9.99 so I’m not expected much with the packaging.

The coverage of this foundation is amazing. One pump can cover my whole face using my Eco Tools sponge. I’ve not tried applying it with a brush yet but I can imagine the coverage will be just as good. It dries down matte but more of a satin matte as my skin still has a glow to it. It’s lightweight on the skin, I can’t feel it on my skin and wears for a long time. I usually have issues with my foundation slipping off my nose but this stayed on my nose for a long time. On the claim its transfer proof I wouldn’t say it is when not powdered. When it’s not been set by powder some foundation does come off on my fingers if I touch my face, just slightly though and I wouldn’t say it would be noticeable. When set with powder it stays amazing on the skin and doesn’t transfer at all if I touch my face.

Photo of the foundation on me

This foundation photographs really really well, my face looks so airbrushed and flawless.  There is no flashback to this foundation which is a massive bonus. It really smoothes out my skin and my pores, they look less visible. I wore this foundation to my works Christmas night out and my skin looked amazing, it looked the exact same at the end of the night as what it did at the start.

My overall verdict is that for £9.99 this foundation is amazing. It really is full coverage and makes my skin look amazing even when I have blemishes on my skin or when my skin isn’t looking it’s best. This is slowly becoming a favourite of mine and I feel for a while now this will be my go to foundation for events or for going out.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03

4 thoughts on “Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Full Coverage Foundation | Review

  1. Magda says:

    Hi, I found your blog while looking for shade comparisons of this foundation. And I have to say, I’m even more interested in now. What shade are you in some of your other foundations?


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