Black Friday Haul | I Saved Over £150

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I know this post is going up very very late but I debated for ages after making all these purchases whether to wait until all my orders had arrived and then post this or to post it before all my orders arrived but one of them still hasn’t arrived so I’ve just decided to go full speed ahead and write this post. Black Friday is one of my favourite days of the year, there is always so many good deals and this year was no exception. I’m not trying to brag with how much I spent during Black Friday as I did do some damage to my back account.

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The first place I shopped was BeautyBay as they had 30% off their entire website throughout the whole week. I went browsing through the website at the start of the week but didn’t bother buying them when I did browse. When I did eventually go to purchase the items in my basket they had all sold out as the website had sold out of basically everything.

I finally picked the LA Girl Pro HD foundation, it was high on my list of foundations to test out. Also from LA Girl I got their Strobelite powder which honestly I expected to be not great but it is actually a really beautiful highlighter. It’s really blinding on the skin and I could rival it to higher end ones. I then finally got my hands on the Ofra liquid Lipstick in Miami Fever which was a collab with KathleenLights. I’ve wanted this shade for ages but I’ve never been able to find it so I was very happy to get my hands it. It is a really nice liquid lipstick formula so I’ll be purchasing more in the future. Lastly I got a Spectrum fan brush as it was only £2.50 and I didn’t have a fan brush in my collection.

I’d never really heard of Coastal Scents before I watched Nicole Cutler’s Black Friday shopping guide. She talked about how their Hot Pot eyeshadows were a good steal because they only cost 98 cents each which for good eyeshadows is a real save. I bought 17 Hot Pot eyeshadows in tons of different shades with there even being some bright greens and blues in there which are shades I never usually use. I wanted to be able to try a range of their shadows to see if all of them are good or if it’s hits and misses with them.

I also bought one of their empty palettes to hold all these eyeshadows but the palette can holds 40 eyeshadows so I’ve got plenty of room to expand my collection. I will do a whole review on Coastal Scents when my order arrives and tell you all my thoughts and you can see all the shades I picked up.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills is the one place I always check on Black Friday as they always have such good deals. This year they had 50% off their single eyeshadows and their blush trios and 40% off their glow kits and liquid lipsticks. I had to pick up a Glow Kit with it being reduced down to £24.50. Out of all the Glow Kits I picked up the Sugar Glow Kit as it was the one that I had my eye on the most and would suit my skin tone the most. I picked up 2 of their liquid lipsticks in the shades “Starfish” which is one of their Christmas edition ones and “Strawberry” which I’ve wanted for a while as it’s a really nice red shade, it has more orange undertones to it than blue which I prefer for my skin tone.

I picked up the blush trio in the shade “Peachy Love” as I’ve seen a lot of YouTuber use that it and they rave about them. I also got 2 of their single eyeshadows as it was really 2 for 1 as they cost £6 each and usually one cost £12. I got the shades “Brick” and “Realgar” which are both orange/brown shades. For Black Friday, if you spent over £75 you got a free brush with your order. There were a lot of options but I choose an eye blending brush as I don’t seem to have enough of them these days (hmmm). The brush usually costs £20 so to get it for free I wasn’t going to refuse spending £75.

I’d never owned any Sigma brushes or any Sigma products before Black Friday but I decided that as it was 30% and free shipping I’d treat myself to some Sigma brushes to give them a try out. I’ve mostly heard a lot of hype around their eye brushes so I picked up 3 of them and then also got a free miniature brush for spending over $30. I picked up the E40 tapered brush as it’s the most talked about eye brush from them. I then picked up the E45 which is a smaller tapered blending brush and the E35 which is similar to the E40. The mini brush I got was the E25 which I originally had in my basket but when I seen I could get it as a mini, I wasn’t going to pay full price for the same brush.


I was looking on at all their lashes and liked the look of Unicorn Lashes but when I went on the Unicorn Lashes website they had 50%  instead of 20% off on the website. I picked up 2 pairs of the £9.99 lashes in the styles “Bubble Pop” which is there Faux Silk lashes and “Lemon Meringue” which I’d seen Rachel Leary use in some of her YouTube videos. I really liked the lashes in the style “Dragoness” but they cost £19.99 which put me off quite a lot as I never usually spend anything like that on lashes but I decided why not seeing as it was Black Friday.

I spent roughly around £200 on all this stuff which I know is a lot of money to spend on makeup but it was a nice treat to myself after all the stress of uni. I also saved about £150 on all this stuff which is amazing, I think my best save was the Anastasia order as I roughly saved around £80. I could buy another 4 lipsticks with that or 2 palettes with that.

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