Cosy Winter Night Routine

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

(I’m so sorry I couldn’t get this up before Christmas but I still wanted to post it so I hope you guys will still enjoy it)!

Seeing as it’s getting close to Christmas and it’s getting darker and darker even earlier at night now I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a cosy relaxing winter night routine. I really loved writing my morning routine a few posts back and because it’s winter and it’s all about being cosy and enjoying nights in watching Christmas movies so I put 2 and 2 together and this is my cosy winter night routine.

To start off this cosy night routine I just came home from work and got changed out off my works clothes as they are usually dirty into some comfy clothes. I hate sitting around in my works clothes after I get home, I’d much rather be in comfy clean clothes. I then sit on my phone and catch up on all my social medias as I won’t have had time to catch up on them during the day.

I always have a bath when I’m having a cosy night in. It’s my favourite way to relax and wind down after a long day. Today I decided it was a Lush bath bomb kind off day, it’s only special days I choose to use a bath bomb. Today’s choice was the Thundersnow bath bomb and it made cracking noises when it was fizzing out which really amused me, made the whole bath experience more enjoyable. It turned my bath a really nice dark blue colour. I choose to read my book in the bath rather than sitting on my phone for the 100th time which is what I usually do. My book is “Just a girl standing in front of a boy” by Lucy-Anne Holmes.


I’ve been going through another bad skin stage (which is healing up finally) so I wanted to try this blemish clearing face mask from Holla and Glow which I bought at Primark. Also it was a peel off mask so I could get all cosy in bed with it on and I didn’t have to get out of bed to take it off. I still have some left of this face mask so I’m going to use it again on another cosy night in. I then just done my usual skincare routine so that I didn’t have to do it later, if you want to know what my skincare routine is then check out my post on it here.

Tonight was a Christmas movie night, specifically my favourite Christmas film Love Actually. I have to watch Love Actually at Christmas, it’s not Christmas if I don’t watch it. I cosied down in my bed with all my cushions beside me and I made myself a hot chocolate with whipped cream because nothing beats a cosy night in with a hot chocolate. I couldn’t have a hot chocolate without a large bar of Dairy Milk chocolate to tuck into, I choose the caramel one to mix it up but usually it would be the normal Dairy Milk.

After my film of choice is over I go brush my teeth and then get back into bed and usually after about 15 minutes I’m tired and go to sleep. I know it’s bad but I usually sit on my phone just before I go to sleep but I find it usually helps me get tired.

Winter is my favourite time to have these types of cosy night routines. I loved this time to wind down and to relax which was amazing to do after a week of stressful uni exams and work. I’ve got some more Christmas posts coming, especially with it being the week running up to Christmas so stay tuned for Christmas to hit The Coveted Lifestyle.

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