Happy New Year | 2017 Recap

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is having a good New Year and is ready for 2018. I really enjoyed 2017, it did have some ups and downs but mostly ups. I done some exciting things and started doing new things that I have really enjoyed, I thought I’d do a recap of all my favourite things of 2017 as I had so many fun times and amazing experiences.

I went on a few trips this year, the first one I went back down to London. I loved going back down to London, I spent a lot of money for only being there one day and had such a fun time. I then went on my first proper holiday with my boyfriend to Tenerife. It was so good to get away to the sun for a week. We done so many good activities when we were away like going to the water park Siam Park, the animal park Loro Parque and we went scuba diving. I’d 100% recommend Tenerife as a place to go on holiday with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The final trip of the year for me was a trip to a little lodge down in the borders of Scotland. It was such a little cosy place and me and my friends had such a fun time in the hot tub and watching DVDs.

Me and my boyfriend celebrated our 1st anniversary together, we went for a fancy meal together and got all dressed up for it. We went to an Italian which was so good, I really need to go back there. I celebrated my 19th birthday with a group of people from my work in a bar called Frankensteins. It was such a fun night, there was so many fun memories from that night. My birthday was on a Sunday and we went out on the Saturday so the night out actually went into my birthday. A few people from my work got them to out happy birthday on the screen which I really appreciated and everyone that came out sang happy birthday to me.

Other events that happened in 2017 was I seen both Drake and The Weeknd in concert in March, both were gifts for my boyfriend Christmas. I really wanted to hear The Weeknd sing “Earned It” live as I really like that song and I did so I was very happy with that.   Also in March I hosted my first live event with a group of friends at uni. We hosted a murder mystery night, it took a lot of stress but in the end it was amazing to do and we all enjoyed ourselves so much.

The final event of 2017 that has really made me happy and impacted my life the most is this, my blog. I finally plucked up the courage to create a blog after a lot of debating and I’m so glad I did. I could not imagine my life now without my blog. I had a slow start with my blog as I struggled to cope with both uni and my blog, I did consider quitting and deleting my blog but I’m glad I convinced myself not to. I love my blog now and I’ve had so many good times with it. My favourite achievement for my blog this year is reaching 100 followers. I did not expect to even get 10 followers never mind 100 so when I reached it, it was a big achievement for me.

I’m so excited to see what 2018 holds for both me and my blog. I have some exciting trips planned and hopefully my blog will move into new exciting ventures and get to do new opportunities. My blog turns 1 in 2018 as well so expect an exciting post about that too. I hope to see you all in 2018 reading my blog.

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