Best of Beauty 2017

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Now we are in 2018 I think its time to talk about all my favourite makeup products of 2017. I have bought so many makeup products this year and I have managed to find some new favourites from these purchases as well as revisiting products I’ve used before. I’ve done a few blog posts about some of these products so if you want a more in-depth review of them then go and check them out. So here are my makeup favourites of 2017.



I only have one primer favourite of 2017. It’s not going to be a surprise to anyone but it is the Fenty Beauty primer. This is the only primer I’ve found that keeps my makeup on my face all night, even on a night out after I’ve been dancing and sweating from all the dancing. I use it every single day near enough. It just keeps my makeup on like glue, it’s definitely leaves your skin matte which I like for my skin as I do get oily. I just love this primer.


Again this is going to be no surprise but my Fenty Beauty Pro Filter foundation is up there in my beauty favourites of 2017. This foundation is very matte and full coverage, it covers every imperfection on your face and smooths them out. It looks amazing in photos, I feel like my skins been photoshopped with this foundation on. I basically never powder my face when I wear this foundation as it doesn’t need it. I really need to get another shade of this foundation as the one I have is slightly too dark for me but I still make it work.

A very late favourite to this beauty favourites as I only found it at the end of November but the Maybelline Super Stay foundation is too good not to add. This has a similar coverage to the Fenty Beauty foundation, its full coverage. I’ve been using it so much since I bought it. It looks lovely on the skin, it’s more of a stain matte than full on matte like the Fenty Beauty as you still get the natural glow from your skin coming through. It does last a long time on the skin, it can last a night out which is always a good test for me.

For my less makeup days where I don’t want a heavy coverage the NYX Total Control Drop foundation is my lifesaver. I can build this up to be full coverage but I love just putting one tiny drop everywhere on my face and it leaves me with a nice minimal coverage. It blends into my skin perfectly and makes me look like I’m not wearing anything at all. The only downside to this foundation is how small the bottle is as it’s only 13ml.


There is no other Concealer that I can have as a favourite apart from the Tarte Shape Tape. This is literally the god of concealers, I’ve seen it in so many other people’s favourites this year. This stuff is full coverage af, if that isn’t for you then I wouldn’t recommend this. It airbrush’s your skin, I use this under my eyes to brighten and conceal and any large pores I have just disappear. I’ve only had this since April but I feel like I’ve had this for ages.


Hoola bronzer is obviously up there in my favourite bronzers category but in 2017 I’ve found 2 bronzers that are up there with Hoola. The first bronzer I got was the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. I knew this was a good bronzer from what YouTubers have said and I can 100% agree with them.  It makes my skin look like I’ve been on holiday, it leaves me looking tanned. It’s a mixture between being warm toned and cool toned so some days I wear it to bronze and contour as it can pull off doing both. It smells amazing, like holidays which I know is a weird thing to compare it too but fi you smelt this you’d know exactly what I mean.

The second is Essence Sun Club Bronzer for lighter skin and like the Butter Bronzer it just leaves me looking like I’ve got a tan when I don’t actually have one. It has a massive pan which I like for swirling my brush in to get a good amount of product. It looks very warmed toned in the pan but because I have the one for lighter skin it doesn’t come off as warm toned at all so it doesn’t make me look orange. Its smells similar to the Butter Bronzer, the holiday smell again. It’s very affordable as well, it’s only £3 from Wilko and for a big pan it’s a good steal.


I don’t have a specific highlighter favourite of 2017 as I’ve liked a lot and they all stand out as new favourites for me. A few of my top picks are the Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Flexitarian, the LA Girl Strobe Light in 110 Watt and the Makeup Revolution x Soph Does Nails Highlighter Palette.


I’ve literally only stuck to 2 eyebrow products in 2017 as I think I’ve found my 2 holy grail eyebrow products. I have both a pencil and a pomade eyebrow products so I can chop and change whatever one I want to use. For a pencil my Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil is my absolute favourite. It really gives me a natural looking brow and it doesn’t make it look like I’ve filled in my eyebrows.

For a pomade I discovered the Makeup Revolution Brow Pomade which is a dupe for the ABH Dip Brow but it costs £6. I’ve had this for a few months now and it hasn’t dried up at all which I find usually happens with pomades. It’s the perfect colour for my brows and is my go to when I want more of a bold brow.


There is only 2 palettes in 2017 that I loved the most and I’ve spoken about them so many times that it’s obviously I love them. From the photo you can see how dirty they are as I use them all the time. The first is the Jaclyn Hill Palette, it was the one release that I was anxiously waiting for and it hasn’t disappointment me at all. It has such a range of colours, there is so many looks you can create with this palette. All the shades are extremely pigmented and there is hardly any fall out with the shades.

The second palette which I use near enough everyday is the Makeup Revolution x Soph Does Nails. My palette is actually broken, the clip that keeps it shut is broken, that shows how much I’ve used it. This is the year I got into Makeup Revolution and this palette was the reason. For a £10 drugstore palette this palette is just as pigmented as some high-end palettes.


I have one mascara favourite of 2017 and it happens to be one of the cheapest mascara’s ever but don’t let that fool you, it is a really good mascara and I think it costs about £3.30. The Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara is my everyday mascara, it just makes me lashes look amazing. I picked this up in Tenerife on a whim after reading a review online about their Lash Princess mascaras, turns out there is a few types in the Lash Princess line. This does what it says, it gives my lashes lots of length and curl to them and makes them look false, I have had people ask if I had falsies on when wearing this. I also add a mascara that adds volume whenever I want to give my lashes the perfect look of being long with volume.


Again like highlighters I’ve found a few lip favourites of 2017 but I’ve not had a stand out favourite that makes this list. A few of my favourites are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in London, Colourpop Aquarius (in all formats it comes in) and the Dior Lip Maximizer.

I’ve already bought more makeup and it’s only a few days into 2018 so there I will guarantee be new favourites in 2018. I’ve definitely expanded my makeup collection loads in 2017 and I feel in 2018 it’s just going to get even bigger.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03

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