Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer | Buy or Bye?

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You may know by now that Makeup Revolution is seeming to take the world by storm with tons of new releases recently. Makeup Revolution was definitely a major discovery in 2017 for me, I mean I’d heard of them before but I’d never bought anything from them. So they’ve now come out with concealers and I’ve seen a few reviews on them I thought it was time that I got them and tried them out too.

I bought them off TamBeauty but you can get them from Superdrug as well. They only cost £4! £4! Such a bargain. So they come in a thick glass bottle, it could be plastic but I can’t tell. The label and the lid are a rose gold colour but a heads up here. I took the sticker off the lid, the barcode sticker, as it didn’t look very instagram worthy (priorities) and it left a massive sticky patch where the glue had been so when I tried to get it off it removed the rose gold colouring from the lid and turned it silver. Moral of the story there is don’t try and remove the sticker or the glue underneath as it ruins the lid. There is 3.4ml in the bottle which compared to other concealers like the Tarte Shape Tape, which has 10ml, it is small but it does look like it has a lot of product in it.

I picked up the shades C1 and C3, I would have got C2 but it was out of stock when I ordered them. C1 is the lightest shade they have, it’s a good match for under my eyes but it does run slightly pink whereas I prefer a yellow undertone for under my eyes. It is slightly darker than the Tarte Shape Tape in Fair which is more of the yellow tone I prefer. C3 is more suitable for my whole face shade for concealing any spots or marks on my face. It is very peachy toned, a lot darker than the Tarte Shape Tape and C1. The applicators on the concealers are very very similar to the Tarte Shape Tape in that it is a big doe foot. I love these types of applicators as it applies product so much better than small doe foots.

The concealer is full coverage which I love but it isn’t as heavy as the Tarte Shape Tape. It feels a lot lighter on the skin which is much more comfortable when wearing. The shades on me are really good, C1 really brightens up my under eyes (I do find the Taste Shape Tape to be more brightening on me) and C3 works really well for my whole face to cover any imperfections. It lasts well on the skin,

Now for the big question, is this a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape? I mean I’ve been mentioning it throughout the post so there must be some comparison. I’d definitely say it is a dupe. It’s a lot lighter which I do like better than the Shape Tape but I do find the colour on the Shape Tape is better, it looks lighter under my eyes. I’d say if you’ve been eyeing up the Shape Tape for a while but can’t afford the £22 then this is a great dupe for it.

Overall I’d definitely say this is a BUY! I’ve been using mine everyday since I received it, I’m even taking it with me when I go to Paris! The £4 concealer is a definite money saver and is now a must have in my makeup bag.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 16.46.03

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