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Everyone knows that Sephora is one of the best places in the world to get makeup. Whenever I’m looking at makeup online I always look at Sephora even though I know I probably won’t order from there. I love ordering from there so whenever I get the chance so when I decided to place the order in December I knew I had to go all out.

Now if you’re from the UK you’ll know that there isn’t any Sephoras over here, the closest you’ll get one is in Europe which sucks for us. They do ship over to us, definitely from the US Sephora site and the Sephora France site also ships to the UK too. I’ve never ordered off the Sephora France site before but I seen on HanxRenee’s Youtube that she has. I do love ordering off Sephora as it does give me a chance to try some brands that I can’t get over here but I don’t like how some brands are restricted. Sometimes there are gift sets or minis in some of the brands we do get over here like Benefit or Urban Decay but they don’t let you ship them over here which sucks.

Another thing about ordering from Sephora is the shipping. I mean the shipping is very speedy, I ordered on the 28th of December which was a Thursday and it arrived the following Thursday. Compared to other brands that ship from the UK that usually take 1-2 weeks to arrive it is a very speedy service. But I mean I do expect a speedy service for the cost of shipping and taxes. I spent around £80 and shipping cost me £6 which is standard if you spend more than £75 or £80 (I don’t know which one it is). Usually if you spend under that it can cost up to £15 for shipping, and then adding on taxes it can be over £20 for delivery. My taxes cost me £18.50. I do like that you know how much taxes and duties are when you pay compared to getting them on arrival and getting a surprise.

Now onto the products I bought. The main reason for the purchase was to get the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette. I know you can get that in the UK in so many places but it was actually reduced on Sephora so thats why I wanted to get it from there. This has been a want for a while, even after all the reviews on it. I love the colour scheme of it and can’t wait to use some of the blues and greens and I can give you all my thoughts on the palette.

I picked up the Fenty Beauty “Bomb Baby” set as I’d seen it on Instagram and thought it was so adorable. It did say on Instagram that it was a Sephora exclusive but I seen that you can get it on Harvey Nichols which I wish I’d know. The sizes of these minis are really good, I generally thought that they’d be tiny. The packaging of the products are identical to the full sizes, even the mini highlighter is the same shape as the full sized ones. In the set there is the Gloss Bomb which I was wanting to try and the highlighter in “Hu$tla Baby” which is one of the most talked about shades. Amazing value for money.

Colourpop is now on Sephora and they had a few shades of their Super Shock Shadows. I picked up the one called “Fluffy” which is a gold with a pinky undertone. I love their Super Shock Shadows for on my eyelid as they are very pigmented and shimmery so I’ve added another one to my collection.

I lastly picked up a few of Sephora’s own branded products as they were very affordable and it’s the only time I can try Sephora’s own branded products. The most boring out of the products I picked up was the Total Coverage sponge, I need a new sponge and thought to give that one a try as it has really good reviews. For the makeup I got 2 Christmas sets, the first being the “Winter Queen” face palette. It has a bronzer, a highlighter and 2 blushes in a cute little palette. It cost me £6! I’ve not actually used it yet but all the reviews on it were good and in the 4 stars so I have high hopes.

I picked up 2 different lip products, a set of 4 lip creams and 1 lipstick. I can’t tell if the Lip Cream set was a Christmas set as it’s still available online. I love these, they are very creamy and come out really pigmented. There is a nude, a red, a mauve and a slightly metallic vampy red/purple. I definitely want to try a full sizes of these in different shades.

Sephora recently released their #Lipstories lipsticks which have really adorable packaging so I thought seeing as they are new I’d pick one up. I looked at all the collection (there are loads of different shades) and decided on one of the mattes as they are usually my favourite formula. I picked up the shade “07” which is called “Love Love” which is a brown nude, my favourite. It’s very creamy and feels good on the lips and I’ll definitely be picking up some more.

I really want to try more of Sephora own branded products as all the stuff I tried I’ve really liked. I may not order off Sephora for a while but that probably won’t be true!

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