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So last week I went on a little trip to Paris with my boyfriend. I’d been to Paris before but it was nearly 8 years ago now so I definitely needed to go again. I bought my boyfriend the flights for Christmas as I wanted to treat him to a trip away. We went on the 23rd of January and came back on the 28th. Our flights only cost £51 so they were very cheap. All together the trip was around £230 which for 6 days in Paris is very good. I’m going to spilt up all the different parts of the trip so I can talk in-depth about them all and im also going to give some tips in the end that I picked up when I was over there as I feel they will definitely be useful if you want to go to Paris anytime soon.


For the first time ever we stayed in an AirBnB. We searched so much, we properly made sure we found an apartment we liked. Our AirBnB cost only £56 per night and including all the additional costs it came to roughly £185 each! The apartment was lovely, it was perfect for the two of us. It was bang in the centre of Paris, well in my eyes it was. We were roughly (walking time) around 10 minutes from the Moulin Rouge, an hour from the Eiffel Tower and 30 minutes from the Louvre. It was a perfect place for us to go back to after our long days of travelling.


We literally jam-packed so many activities into the 4 days we had. A lot of the activities we done were free like the Arc De Triomphe and the Louvre, the Notre Dame and the Moulin Rogue (we never went inside both). We never stayed long at these places because we just wanted to get photos of them but they are worth going to see as they are some of the top attractions in Paris.

Of course we had to go to the Eiffel Tower because when in Paris you have to go. The top-level was closed for its annual maintenance so we could only go up to the second floor. It cost €8 to go to the second floor, we fitted under the category of  young people (12-24 year olds). The view was amazing, even from the second floor. I do wish I could have went up to the top but it couldn’t be helped. We went at around 11 and it was very quiet and the queue to get tickets was short but when we left at around 1 it was so busy so go early.

I really wanted to go to the Paris Zoo as I love going to the zoo. The day we went it was quite drizzly so the zoo was very quiet. Again like the Eiffel Tower we got in for cheaper under the young people category so it cost €16.50 each. The zoo was massive, there was lots of different animals there but because it was such a rubbish day not many animals were out. I was really excited to see sloths as they have free roaming sloths in a massive tropical greenhouse but I never seen any when I was there so that was rubbish. I think it would have been much better if the weather was better but I wouldn’t say it’s a must see.

I made sure I was going to Disneyland as I’m a massive Disney fan and I really wanted to go. I have been before but I haven’t been in years so I had to go back, just had to. We decided to go for the 1 day/2 park ticket as I wanted to be able to go in both parks. The ticket cost £53 each which I thought was really good for Disney. Both parks are definitely worth doing but because I’d been before I knew what rides are really good so I managed to figure out how to fit both parks into 1 day and still managed to see majority of things. If you haven’t been before then both parks may be hard to do as there is a lot to see and do. I loved every minute of it, from stepping off the train to getting back on it. I was in my element. Of course I got a photo with Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear because when at Disney you have to get photos with characters. I went on majority of the rides I wanted to, my favourites were the Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster and the Rocking Rollercoaster.

It’s the 25th anniversary for Disneyland Paris so there was a special parade and fireworks for it and they were both amazing. I videoed the whole parade because I knew my mum would want to see and I’ve watched it so much since I’ve come back. I also started crying at the fireworks which I’ve never done before but they were amazing and definitely one of the best bits about the day.

There was luckily a PSG Game on the weekend we were away so as well as the flights I got him tickets to the game for Christmas. It was against Montpellier at the Parc De Princes. I got the tickets on Viagogo for €78 which is around £69 which is a lot for football tickets. The process for getting into the stadium was hard. It was very long, many security checks. Once we eventually got in our seats were amazing. We were in section 124 which is on the west and in row 0 so we were the second row from the front. We could see everything and the atmosphere was amazing, very lively. PSG won 4-0 so worth the visit.



We found the cutest little Italian called Al Caratello and all I’m going to say is it was the best pasta I’ve ever had. I found it online when searching for places to eat and a lot of the reviews say its amazing. They have 3 different restaurants in the same street so if you don’t want to go to the Ristorante Al Caratello then there are different options for you. I got the carbonara and my boyfriend got the steak and we both loved it. I couldn’t think about any other food since having the carbonara. We never got any starters as none appealed to us and we just got 2 soft drinks instead of wine. It came to about €35 which is cheap for a meal in Paris and for really good food it was worth it (we even went back on another day).

Me and my boyfriend have a thing about going to a Hard Rock Cafe every time we go away so when we seen that there was one in Paris we had to go. We ordered a starter each and then we both ordered burgers, I got a chicken one. A little tip for going, the starters are massive and filled me up so much so by the time my main came I was full. Again we only got soft drinks as all the cocktails were really expensive, like €16! We also got free refills which we great for when my starter was spicy and I needed to wash it down. Now for the worst part, the cost. It was very very expensive, it cost €70! I think as much as the food was good it really isn’t worth €70.

When in France and Paris I had to had crepes. There was tons of crepe vendors about the city so there was plenty of choice. I got Nutella ones and they were really good. They only cost about €3/€4 and they were huge so worth the price. They also done savoury ones which I really wanted to try but I was never hungry enough to get them. Crepes were amazing for a little snack during the day, better than going and getting a chocolate bar from a shop. We went to a Creperie called Breizh Café which is one of the best creperie’s in Paris. The crepe was amazing and they had homemade hot chocolate which was amazing.


The shopping was my absolute favourite thing to do. We went to 2 main shopping places plus a mixture of little areas that had some shops in it. One of the main shopping places was the Champs-Élysées which is basically just a long street that had shops down either side. There is a massive Sephora down that street which was my first Sephora I went into to (yes I went into more than one). It had a massive display of Too Faced stuff outside as they had just released the Peaches and Cream line in Sephora France. I was in my element walking around Sephora, my face when I walked in and seen the size of the shop was a picture. I think I spent about an hour in that Sephora although it only felt like 15 minutes.

We also visited the Forum des Halles shopping centre which was massive. There was another Sephora, so obviously I paid a visit. There was also places like Forever 21, Bershka and Pull and Bear so I had a browse in there for some new clothes but some of the shops were very busy so I never bothered picking things up. There was also a NYX shop which I’d never seen a NYX only shop before and there was a few different products in it that I’ve not even seen in the UK before so I picked them up to try.

There is so many places in Paris to go shopping, there was a massive street that all down it was Luxury shops like Chanel, Dior and Gucci if they type of shops are your favourite. There is also a Make Up For Ever store as well it them being in Sephora but I never got a chance to go into there but I did want to as there would have been a bigger selection of things in there.


Tip 1. Try to learn some French before you go. A friend at my work told me that French people won’t speak English to you and I didn’t believe it but it’s true. I’d get up to a till in a shop, I’d say Bonjour to be polite and to try to speak French but then they’d continue speaking to me in French and I was so confused. It’ll be a big help to know some French so you can speak a little bit of it.

Tip 2. Watch out for people coming up to you. I know that sounds weird but in some of the main tourist places you will get people coming up to you asking you to buy things or to sign things. Also be sure to keep all your belongs close to you incase its a ploy to pick pocket you! We experienced someone asking us to sign something for disabled kids but  they only just wanted money from us so we never done anything and never signed anything so we made sure we were clear. All I’d say you need to do in these circumstances is say no and just walk away, they take the hint and move onto someone else.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Paris travel diary, I’m so sad to be back and wish I could still be living it up in Paris. I’m already trying to plan to go back to Disneyland this year as I really loved it so much and it’s all I’ve been thinking about since I got back. I am going to be posting a few more Paris posts so be prepared for them coming soon!

See you all in my next post

3 thoughts on “Paris | Travel Diary

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  2. Misha Bagga says:

    Hey your post is commendable and covers up all aspects. Just wamted to ask you one thing regarding Disneyland. Are there any lockers available @ Disneyland and what is the cost of hiring a locker overthere for a day?

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    • thecovetedlifestyle says:

      Thank you! I don’t think there is lockers at Disneyland I’m afraid but I read online that there is a luggage storage just outside the park entrance where you can leave bags. It didn’t say how much they are but I’d imagine it would be a reasonable price


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