DIY Valentines Day Wire Picture Board | Using Printiki

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I’ve been seeing lot’s of these wire memo/picture boards all over social media recently and I really wanted to get one for my room now it’s just been decorated. I thought it would be an amazing DIY idea as it means I can have one without having to break the bank. I also thought this was a nice little idea for Valentines Day, either as a gift for someone or just for yourself like me. It’s a nice way to display any little memories from previous Valentines Day’s or even memories you’ve made in the past with your loved one. I know everyone may not celebrate Valentines Day so this little DIY is great as you can customise it to whatever you want after Valentines Day is over.

This post is amazingly in collaboration with Printiki, who are an online photo printing website! As much as this post is in collaboration with Printiki all opinions are my own.

Printiki is an amazing online photo website where you can upload your photos and then you can get them printed off in different styles and sizes – square, retro and regular. You can also customise your prints with filters and frames. They also have lots of different products on offer as well as photo prints like photo books, posters and photo walls. It’s so affordable as well, it only costs £5.50 for 20 prints and they also do discounts when you buy certain amounts of prints too. They also ship to a lot of different places so it’s not limited. I’ll link their website so you can go check out all their products yourself –

Now onto the DIY Memo Board.

For the board I searched everywhere for one that resembled the Urban Outfitters/Pinterest ones (like the ones above) but they were so expensive. I didn’t want to spend £50/£60 on one which is what Urban Outfitters and places like Notonthehighstreet were charging.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 10.14.15.png

I searched on Amazon and I found a lot in different sizes and colours. The prices ranged but I found this really nice Rose Gold one for £21.99 or £23.99 when ordered with the little pegs so I went for the £23.99 option as I knew I needed the pegs too. It comes with 2 metal grids which is why I think it was a tiny bit more expensive than some that were priced at £14.99. I don’t actually need 2 grids but it may come in handy if I want to expand it to make it bigger. I went with a Rose Gold one compared to a white one as that is the now the colour scheme of my room.

I’ve seen other people do this type of DIY using little wire sticks so that’s also an option but they don’t look as sturdy so that’s why I paid a bit extra to get this one.

For the photos I chose to print some photos of me and boyfriend as well as some little love related photos to fit in with the theme of Valentines day. I got them in the square style as I knew I could be able to fit more on the board. I ordered them on Thursday and they had arrived by the Monday so the delivery was very speedy. The actual process of uploading the photos and creating them online was easy to, I done it on my iPad as it wouldn’t seem to work on my laptop. I ordered the glossy prints but they also have the option to print matte ones. Some of the photos said they wouldn’t be high quality but they all arrived in high quality which I was pleased with.

To make it Tumblr esc, I wrapped some fairy lights around it. I only wrapped them around the outside of the frame but I am tempted to wrap it around all the rows. I got these ones from Sainsbury’s around Christmas time but I think I’m going to get a new set just for the board.

I dotted the prints around so that they weren’t all in one place. I also added some of my polaroids and other little prints I had that like a postcard from the Eiffel Tower as obviously Paris is branded as the city of love. The last thing is to put it up. I just placed it on the little ledge at the side of my bed but my dad will more than likely help me put this up on the wall as I probably wouldn’t do it right.

This DIY is so simple and easy to do in very little steps. I loved doing this DIY as I really wanted to have something like this in my room so I can pin little memories from throughout the year on it. I wanted to be able to do it for a fraction of the cost that Urban Outfitters and other places charge for their memo boards. It just shows you can do this type of project on a budget if you browse about.

I loved working with Printiki on this as they were amazing, so friendly and are a really great company to work with. If you like the sound of Printiki I have a little code for all you to use. It gets you free shipping which is always the best thing as who actually likes paying for shipping. My code is 73FBWVGY and I’ll also link it in my discount code page.

Also go follow Printiki on Instagram, they have some amazing inspiration on there for what to do with your photos, the link to their page is here –

I hope you all have a good Valentines Day and remember to take lots of photos, they will come in handy for your memo board!

See you all in my next post

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