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So if you’ve read my Paris Travel Diary post (I’ll link it here for you to read if you haven’t) you’ll know I done a lot of shopping when I was away in Paris. I was really excited to go shopping in Paris because I knew they had Sephora’s and for me being a major beauty lover I knew I had to go. I never done as much makeup shopping as what I thought I was going to do which is very surprising for me. I still done some damage though, I think I spent maybe around €250 but I saved up my own money to be able to buy all this so I think I deserve it.

I went into 3 different Sephora’s because one just wasn’t enough. There was just so much stuff in Sephora that it was quite overwhelming. I tried to look online before I went for an idea of what I wanted but that didn’t work, there was just so much. There was nearly every brand you could think of in the stores, from Huda Beauty to Anastasia. I was just in awe off all the makeup around me, it was like a dream. So now onto the Sephora Haul.


In my other Sephora Haul a few posts back I bought one of Sephora’s new #LipStories lipstick and I really liked it so while I was in a Sephora I thought I’d pick one up. Instead of a matte formula which is what my other one is I picked up a cream formula one to try.  It’s in the shade “Tan Lines” and I love the packaging on the tube, it reminds me of something I’d see in a film with all the beach signs. I’m not gonna lie I think I mostly picked this one up just for the packaging but the shade is also my type of shade. It’s just a normal pinky brown nude, standard for me.

Also I picked up a full sized Sephora Cream Lip Stain. I got a minis set in my previous haul and I took the red shade away with me and this is one of the best liquid lipstick formula’s I’ve tried. I usually hate applying red lipsticks are they never go on nicely but this went on like a dream and felt amazing on the lips so I had to buy a full size for when I run out of the mini. It felt comfortable on the lips and wasn’t drying either and I need to get more.

When I was walking to the till I kept on looking  at all the minis by the till as Sephora know how to grab you with the minis. There was a few minis that I wanted to get but they didn’t have my shade in any of them but when I spied the Kat Von D Loose Powder in a mini form I just knew it was a must. I’ve heard good things about this powder and I’ve been wanting to try a new loose powder so it’s a win win here. For being a mini you get a lot of product so I don’t think I’m going to run out any time soon. If I do really like this I think I will purchase a full sized one and it may replace my all time favourite lose powder (Rimmel Match Perfection).

I’ve heard so much about the Make Up For Ever Star Lit Powder’s that I knew I had to pick one up when I was over there. Make Up For Ever is so much easier to get in France than in the UK. They are sold on Debenhams but they are always out of stock. I picked up the shade 13 as I’m sure that’s the shade Jaclyn Hill and HanxRenee on YouTube raved about. It was the last one in drawer so I got lucky there. It is very pigmented, very pigmented. I tried this out one of the nights I was away and it was blinding on my cheekbones. I didn’t need much on my brush, it was my first time using a loose powder highlighter so I probably had too much but it’s insanely intense. It’s amazing for a glow lover like myself.


Again I bought a product because of a Youtuber, I don’t know what I’d do without YouTube. Emily Canham talks about this a lot and I see it a lot in her Sephora hauls when she visits Europe. It’s the Sephora Collection Beauty Amplifier power. Did I need another powder after already buying the Kat Von D one? Probably not but this one’s pressed so it’s different to the Kat Von D one. I’m excited to try this under my eyes to set my concealer as it’s suppose to be smoothing and brightening which is what I want for under my eyes. I’ve recently strayed away from the whole baking scenario so any pressed powder that’ll give me the same look is a winner.


Now for some of the more boring items. Can you really go into Sephora and not pick up some of their masks? I love their masks so I thought I’d stock up my collection. I got 3 face masks – the green tea one, the avocado one and the algae one. They are just normal sheet masks that go over your face, if you’ve never tried one of Sephora’s face masks before then I really think you should as they are really good.

I then got 2 of their hair sleeping masks as I just dyed my hair so I need to do a lot of masks to help keep it healthy. I didn’t even know these existed until I seen them and thought they were a good concept. I got the coconut one which is for nourishing and repairing as well as the Shea one for anti breakage. You get a little hair cap with it which I found really funny as I’ve never seen that before. I’ll keep you posted on how well these work and if I will buy them again. For the other masks I picked up 2 Shea lip masks to help my chapped lips and a charcoal nose pore strip.


Recently in my other Sephora haul (go check out the post I wrote if you haven’t already) I bought one of the Sephora Beauty Sponge’s as I want to start trying different brands of sponges. I picked up another one when I was away as I thought if I really like the one I bought I wanted to get a backup for when it turns dirty and damaged beyond repair. Turns out I bought a completely different sponge to the one I bought  but I’m still excited to try this one as it looks like it’ll work really well for blending concealer under my eyes.

When my boyfriend was in Spain last year he picked me up the Sephora Shea Butter Hand Cream as a present and I really liked it so I picked up another one as I am running low. I get really dry hands a lot and this is one of the only hand creams I’ve found that can get my hands back to being moisturised and soft. I should have bought about 4 of these as I really don’t want to run out.


I then into a NYX store. I’d only ever seen a NYX counter in Boots and they are always so small so I was really excited to get to browse a better range of their products. They had all the new I Love You So Mochi products which I did have a look at but nothing really stood out to me. What did though was the Total Control Drop Primer. I really love the Total Control Drop Foundation so when I seen they now have a primer I was like I need to try that. I’d never seen that in the UK so thought I’m definitely picking it up incase I can’t get it back home. It is coming to us in the UK very soon I think. I’m interested to see how well the primer works with both the Total Control Foundation as well as my other foundations.


Out of all the NYX counters I’ve been to before I’ve never once seen their Pigments on display. I’ve seen their glitters but never pigments. I thought that they were exclusive to France (turns out they aren’t) so I picked up 2 just in case. I got the shades Shanghai Sun which is an orange rust colour and Venetian which is a pure straight up copper. I’ve never used a pigment before, only glitters so I’m interested to see what they go on like as I sometimes struggle with glitters and if I really like them I’ll be investing in many more.

The last thing in this haul is the thing I’m most excited for. I’m so glad I picked these up as I found out they definitely don’t have these in the UK. When looking at the Pigments I seen they had these new Shimmer Down Pigments. I think these are very similar to their Pigments but they are more finely milled than their Pigments but give off intense shimmer. I got the shades “Almond”, “Nude” and “Walnut” which is the standard champagne, bronze and pinky shades I use all the time on my eyes.

I obviously done a lot of shopping when away but is that stopping me getting more makeup while I’m home? No it’s not so be prepared for some more hauls in the future (I’ve already bought something very exciting so be prepared for a review and a Buy or Bye for that).

See you all in my next post

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