Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser Review | Does It Actually Work

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So recently I fake tanned for the first ever time in my life and I actually hated it. I now know why I haven’t ever done it before. So after a few days (2 in fact) of wearing the tan I decided I needed to take it off ASAP. When Bondi Sands released their Self Tan Eraser everyone jumped on the band wagon for it as people wanted something that would take their tan off without scrubbing off every layer of their skin.

I picked up a bottle in Boots for £14.99 which is the same price as their tan bottles. The instructions on the back say to apply the product dry and at least 3 days after tanning. I don’t know why it has to be after 3 days of tanning, it should work after anytime. I had the Bondi Sands Light/Medium Tan on so I was hoping that because it’s a Bondi Sands tan it would go hand in hand but does it? This is what my tan looked like before the first round of self tan eraser, I think it looks quite dark for it being a light/medium tan but I think thats because I’m not use to tan.


The foam comes out white and has a very strong scent to it, not the nicest one either. It smells very chemically. I applied it over my whole body to obviously remove the tan I’d put everywhere. It dried in quickly to my skin but I kept on applying more after it dried as I wanted that tan gone. It says on the bottle to leave it on skin for 5 mins but all the reviews I’d read online said they left it long longer than that. I left mines on for about 25 mins, I did put it on my face (not sure if you’re suppose to) and I left that on for 5 mins as it started to sting.

After about 15 minutes a part under my arm started to sting really badly which I was concerned about but I left it on until the end. I then jumped in the shower after the 25 minutes were done and as soon as I stepped under the water the tan started running off and my shower was covered in brown water. I thought that was a good sign but in reality it wasn’t. I put some foam shower gel on to start washing it off, I also used a rough cloth as it recommends using a face cloth to remove it. This done nothing. Once all the foam had washed off, the tan was still there bold as brass. I then took my body scrub and started to buff it off. This method worked well and removed some of my tan but it wasn’t fully removed.

This is the results after round 1. You can see the tan has faded ever so slightly on my legs but it still looks the same on my arms. So first impression, poor show from the Self Tan Eraser.


Round 2. A couple of hours after my first attempt I put the Self Tan Eraser on again for 15 mins this time before getting in the bath to sit and soak for 20 mins. I tried to keep the eraser on for 15 minutes but I could only just last 5 as it felt like it was burning my skin, especially under my arms. I hopped in the bath as quickly as I could after the 5 minutes and just sat and soaked. After 20 minutes of soaking I scrubbed myself using my body scrub and an exfoliation mitt. I think I scrubbed myself for about 10 minutes and this took the majority of the tan on that was left on.

After round 2 the tan is basically off my legs which is good but I think that as mostly to do with the scrub. On my arms it looks similar with there being very few traces on.I can still see it lightly on my skin, it’s giving my skin a real subtle natural tan (surprisingly it’s not patchy). I sadly don’t have any photos of after round 2 to show you.

It felt like it was burning my skin, more on the second run than the first. It especially felt bad under arms which I’ve now had to put Sudocream and Savlon as it was painful. The smell is horrible, it makes it seem like I’m putting bleach on my skin. I 100% think it couldn’t remove your tan after 5 minutes, more like 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Overall I think that this would maybe better when your tan is really old or older than 2 days (oops). After 2 attempts of using it, I still have tan on which I think for it being branded as a “self tan eraser” is slightly misleading as it never removed my tan. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, it didn’t work for me and I think it’s a slight gimmick. I did have really high hopes for this but for me it’s a flop!


See you all in my next post

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