Try On Paris Fashion Haul

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So now you’ve read my Beauty Haul from my trip to Paris I think it’s only fair to show you all the clothes I bought. I know this post is a tad late as it was a month ago I went to Paris but I’ve been on a slight mind block recently. This is actually quite exciting as this is the first proper fashion post up on my blog, the first of many.

I was really lucky when I went away to Paris that it was sale season so every shop I went in there was a sale. A lot of the items I picked up were in the sale so they were very affordable.

Pull and Bear is one of my favourite shops to visit when in Europe as I don’t get to go into their stores back home. I only picked up one thing as it was so busy, the queue’s for the fitting rooms took up at least 1/4 of the shop. I didn’t have much time to look around as the store was jam packed. I already have a few t-shirts from there and I found the cutest little one near the till.

It’s navy blue ringer style t-shirt with the white bands round the neck and sleeves. It also has thin stripes on the sleeves. I think the best part about it is the little patch on it. It has the cutest little unicorn on it with “you can call me little uni” around it. I have a similar one in white with a little ghost patch on it and I love it. This one feels thicker than the one I already have and its a tad more cropped than my other one, I think this will be one of my new favourite t-shirt.


I really don’t know why I was thinking about the gym when I was away but I bought a gym top. There were a lot of them in the sale at Adidas but the majority of them didn’t weren’t in my size. Luckily one of the ones I really liked was in my size. It’s pink with a slight snake skin pattern but I find that it doesn’t look like that in person. It’s quite a tight fitting top, not because of the sizing but just the style of top it is.

I really must have been on a gym craze when away as I bought another gym item. My boyfriend likes UNIQLO, I’d never bought anything from there before, so while my boyfriend was browsing the mens section I went round the women’s. I ended up looking at the gym section and picked up a pair of their leggings. They are quite long on me but are still wearable. They are just plain black with this geometric pattern all over the legs. They are just basic gym leggings, they are very comfortable which is what I want at the gym and they aren’t see through which is an added bonus. (You can see what the leggings look like in the picture above).


I’d never heard of the shop UNDIZ before and after walked past a few of them I decided to go in. They had lots of underwear which I’ll take about later on in this post but they also had some lounge wear and normal clothes. I can’t tell if this jumper is more lounge wear but I’m going to wear this as a causal, just popping out jumper. It’s so soft, that was part of the reason why I bought it. There were a few different colours to chose from but I felt grey would fit more into my style.


Some people always find showing underwear in hauls as being a tad TMI but I love seeing what underwear people have bought. I obviously won’t be trying all this stuff on as that would be weird but I am still going to show you all what I got as it’s very pretty. I got all these items from UNDIZ in the sale so it was all very affordable, the products not in the sale are also very affordable.


I have been living in bralettes recently. I basically never wear a proper bra now as bralettes are way more comfy. I found this in the sale and it’s just so pretty. On the tag it says its a bra but I’d class this more as a bralette. The band is very stretchy so fits very easily, I got a size medium and it fits perfectly. It also has adjustable straps and the band has clips so I don’t have to pull it over my head to put it on. The cups are triangle shapes which I find really flattering on me. It’s such a pretty colour, it looks really nice under off the shoulder tops and jumpers.


There wasn’t much underwear in the sale that was nice, a lot of them were jokey styles. I got 2 of the same style just in different colours. One is teal blue with a pink and blue trim and the other is nude with a mustard and pink trim. They are pretty standard shape, more hipster than I usually like but they are still comfortable to wear. I did think they were maybe too small for me when I first tried them on but I think it’s because I’m not use to non high waisted underwear.

I actually don’t need anymore clothes for a while now, my drawers are bursting full. I really recommend all the shops I visited in Paris, there are so many nice little shops that you don’t get over in Scotland (like Undiz). If you don’t do any shopping when in Paris then somethings up!

See you all in my next post

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