I’ve Made A YouTube Channel!!

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been drowning in uni work and I’ve not had the time finish writing any of the posts I’ve had planned. However amidst all the uni work I’d been working on something exciting, away from my blog…

nude cosmetics


creative process-2.png

For so long I’ve considered starting a Youtube Channel but I’ve never had the time to film videos and edit them as I know they take hours to do. Recently I had some holidays off work so I found the time to be able to film and edit a video. I decided for my first ever video to do a “My Everyday Makeup Routine”. I know it’s a pretty basic video but I thought it would be a great way to start off my channel and ease myself into the whole filming and editing world.

I would love if you all could go show my Youtube Channel some support love and be prepared for many more videos coming over the summer break when I’m finally free from uni. I really enjoyed making the video and I’m really excited to start the journey into the life of being a blogger and a Youtuber!

My Channel link is down below as well as the link to my new video but my YouTube channel is also always linked on my blog permanently. I’d love it if you could subscribe to my channel and give my new video some love, it would mean the world to me!

MY CHANNEL – https://bit.ly/2IX273u
MY VIDEO – https://youtu.be/88A_Y1x9PYQ

I’ll be back very soon as my uni work is slowly starting to go down!!

See you all in my next post

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