Germolene | The £2 Spot Treatment??

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If you have read some of my older blog posts then you’ll know I’ve went through up and down stages with my skin. Recently I started to suffer a small breakout session having on my forehead and chin. My usual skin products weren’t shifting them at all and I needed to find a way to get rid of them so I needed a new spot treatment.

For some reason in my room I found a tube of Germolene. Germolene is basically the same as Savlon if you’ve heard of that and not Germolene. Usually I’d use Germolene (and probably everyone else does) to help with bad cuts as it’s an antiseptic Cream. I’ve always seen it being used that way but while reading the tube I seen that it’s meant to help spots. I didn’t know this at all so when I seen that I knew that this needed tested out as if this truly works everyone needs to know about it.

Day One

I done my usual skincare steps but left out my usual spot treatment, the La Roche Posey Effaclar Duo. The first photo is my skin before starting to use the Germolene. I used it on my chin, my nose and my chin as thats where I either had spots or usually get spots.  I was suffering from quite bad breakouts on my forehead and my chin, the biggest spot was around my brow area which I’d had for about 1 week. I also had a a few big breakouts on my chin which just kept on popping up out of nowhere.

3 Days Later

So I took another photo of my skin 3 days after using Germolene every night. The spots on my forehead were cleared, they were just little red marks now and the big spot in-between my brows had calmed down a lot. Again the spots on my chin had calmed down a lot, they looked less red. I was impressed at how quickly this worked. Also because of the antiseptic in it it made all the sore spots hurt less.

5 Days Later

The little cluster of spots have fully disappeared although I do have a small spot around my hairline. I’m really surprised at how quickly my forehead has cleared up as usually it takes a while for all the spots on my forehead to clear.

My chin has cleared up a lot since the last photo. The small cluster of spots I had have died down a lot and the one on the centre of my chin has disappeared. I now have a new spot on the right side of my chin which I’m hating as I just constantly keep on getting spots on my chin.

A Week Later

After a week of use there isn’t much change in both my chin and forehead from the 5 day mark. Everything still looks the same and I’m so surprised about it.

10 Days Later

So this is my final update on my skin. My forehead is practically clear, I just have the scarring from the big spot in-between my brows but there is no sign of spots which I’m loving.  My chin on the other hand is a different story. The little cluster of spots I had on my chin has came back but worse. I’d say that this cluster appeared about 8 days into this experiment so 2 days of using it hasn’t cleared it at all.

Overall after using this for about a week/ a week and a half I can see an improvement in my skin, particularly my forehead. I have now been using it for about a month and I feel like my skin now doesn’t get the benefits of it now. I do really like it for helping heal spots, it does well to help spots scab over (a bit TMI but oh well) but for it to actually help reduce the spots size and redness it doesn’t work for me anymore.

I’d say if you have this (or Savlon) already in your house give it a go but even though it’s only £2, I wouldn’t say it’s the best spot treatment out there. Score out of 10- 7/10.

See you all in my next post

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