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Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So about 2 weeks ago now I took a very long trip down to London for my first ever blogger event!! I felt very privileged to receive the invite to this event and I knew that I really wanted to go. The event was to celebrate Makeup Revolution’s (who are now Revolution Makeup) 4th birthday but it was also for a little secret surprise reveal (I’ll fill you all in on it later).

I was really nervous for this event as I didn’t know who would be going, how big the event was going to be and what the event exactly was going to be. I think the nerves of it being my first blogger event really kicked in before attending. I luckily got to bring one of my friends down to the event with me which really made everything easier as I knew that wouldn’t be on my own.

So the event started at 6:30 but I arrived at 7 due to me not being ready on time (that’s not a shock). The event was at One Marylbourne which is actually a church but let me tell you that this did not look anything like a church. They really done an amazing job at making this event look amazing. There was a little red carpet leading up to the door where I then had to check in. We got a free drink as soon as we walked in and also to our surprise it was a free bar. They also walked around with free food all night, they done the cutest little cones full of chips.

Literally I think the whole time I was at the event I was gobsmacked. The event was so lavish and you could see they’d put so much time and effort into the event. They had lots of different areas for you to take photos at, one was a massive doughnut wall that actually had real doughnuts on it. One of my favourite features at the event was a massive frame that had 3 of the different chocolate bar palettes from the I ❤️ Revolution brand – the Chocolate Orange palette, the Mint Chocolate palette and the Naked Chocolate palette – stuck on with a massive neon love heart light in the centre. I loved that, I really wanted to take it home to put it in my room. They had 2 little photo booths that done little boomerang esc photos that you could send to yourself.

They also had shelves of all their makeup, old products such as their concealers, the Sophx palette, the Reloaded palettes as well as some of the new Pro line. I think I spent so much time just staring at it.

I was also so gobsmacked at all the Youtubers that were there. I did spend some of the night being like “why am I here when there are all these big YouTubers here”. There was a few Youtubers that I watch at the event and I was literally dying even being in the same room as them. I did speak to a few of them that I watch, including Sophie from Sophdoesnails, and they were all so lovely and so down to earth, none of them didn’t have the time to speak to everyone.

About half way through the night Adam Minto aka Mister Makeup, the genius behind Revolution Makeup and I ❤️ Revolution came up and gave a little speech before showing us a few videos. He was so lovely and down to earth, he went about the rest of the night speaking to everyone that was there. They played a little video with all the influencers that have done videos using their products and they said a massive thank you to everyone who has ever taken a photo of their products, reviewed their products or done a video using their products. I loved the fact that they done this, they showed they appreciated all the support they get.

The next video is the little surprise everyone has been waiting on. They showed us all their new branding as they’ve now moved from being Makeup Revolution to Revolution Makeup, I ❤️ Makeup to I ❤️ Revolution and the brand new Revolution Pro. They showed us some of the products in the brands and I loved seeing all the new Revolution Pro Makeup (which is out now), I need to order some of it ASAP. I think the most exciting part came next though, they showed us all what to expect in the future and they are bringing out SKINCARE, LASHES and HAIRCARE!! They are not messing about here! I’m excited to see these new releases being brought out and to see what else is to come.

Again the event was amazing and I had such a good time for it being my first ever blogger event. I’m so grateful to the Revolution Makeup team for inviting me to this event. I really am excited about all these new releases, I will be doing reviews on all these products so stay tuned for future Revolution Makeup posts.

See you all in my next post

2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Event

  1. beautyonabudget94 says:

    The event look and sounds so cool 😀 It’s always nerveous to attend such events, when you don’t really know of the other people there. I get that feeling as I felt that to the last two events I’ve attended. But it’s still fun and you get such a experince out of it ❤

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