L’ORÉAL Infallible Stick Foundation | Buy or Bye

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Lots of brands have been releasing Foundation Sticks recently and the first brand I picked up was L’Oréal. I picked it up because HanxRenee on YouTube (she’s one of my favs) done a review video on it and raved about it. She said it was a dupe for the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Stick. I’ve never tried the Make Up For Ever Stick as it’s a lot of money so a dupe is always a bonus!

I picked mine up in Superdrug a couple of days after watching Han’s video and was shocked at how many shades were still in stock. I really thought it would have all been sold out! I literally ran into Superdrug about 10 minutes before it was closing to get this foundation. I done a few swatches of the lightest shades and picked up the shade 100 Ivory. They do have a few shades (they have 12) but they could have more. I’m not going to go deep in on the subject but they do need some more darker shades. I do like the packing on this, I like the design on the lid but the packaging as a whole does feel quite cheap but I’m only paying £8.99 for it so I’m not expecting much.

So now onto how the product actually performs which is probably what you all want to know.

I just swipe lines of this all over my face and blend it out with a sponge. I find it blends out good with both a sponge and a brush but I’ve been finding that blending it out with a sponge gives it the best finish. It does blend out easily, the first couple of times I used it it didn’t blend out that great and it put me off but after using it a few times it’s 100% got better.

It’s a really good colour match to me. It’s got a slight (very slight) undertone to it which for my skin tone isn’t the best but it does blends out to match my skin tone. The finish is not matte, it definitely has a dewy effect. Although it does have the dewy effect, I can just powder it down and it doesn’t look as dewy anymore. It is more of medium coverage, it can get built it but it doesn’t go to a full coverage. I don’t think I would wear this on a night out just because of this but I do really like this for everyday wear. Like I said it is quite dewy and it does start to crease on my forehead after I’ve blended it out which none of my other foundations do but I just powder it down and it looks great.

It does wear on the skin nicely, it does go slightly oily on me but I do have oily skin (just a tad). I just powder it down and then it’s good to go again. I can get away with only powdering this once throughout the day for it to last, nothing worse than having to powder 3/4 times throughout the day. I feel when I only have one layer of this on it wears better than if I have 2 layers, it does start to cake up on my skin when I have 2 layers and it starts to go patchy in some places. I feel it does slip and slide on my face more than my other foundations but even though it does slip and slide it still can last a good 7/8 hours on my skin.

I thought I’d also give a little comparison between my Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick, Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick and this L’Oréal one. It really does look very similar to the ABH one, similar in texture and shade (I have the shade Porcelain in the ABH one). The L’Oréal one is a tiny bit creamer than the ABH one but it’s no where near as creamy as the Revolution one. The L’Oréal one doesn’t blend out as good as the Revolution one, it just takes a bit more work to blend it out but that’s not a major issue. I do think it’s a good dupe for the ABH one but it is different to the Fast Base.

Now is this a buy or bye? I’d say yes, I really like this foundation stick. It sits really nice on my skin and a light coverage of this on my skin looks amazing. I wouldn’t use this for a full glam look as it just goes cakey. It is really affordable for a stick foundation considering some of the others on the market, I do think it’s worth a test.

Be prepared for a review coming soon on another Foundation Stick (hint hint it’s called Fast Base)!!

See you all in my next post

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