Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick | Buy or Bye?

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Another foundation stick review from me. I swear this is the last one! Not long after I bought the L’Oréal foundation stick Revolution Makeup came out with their own foundation stick – the Fast Base. Obviously being a massive Revolution makeup fan and having loved the Conceal and Define concealer I had to pick it up. I also picked it up just before the Revolution Beauty event I went to as I wanted to wear it there, no better place to wear it too.

I picked mine up from Superdrug as I could get free next day delivery to my local store. Like the Conceal and Define concealer majority of the shades, especially the lighter shades were out of stock. I did take a few attempts on trying to order this due to my shade being out of stock. The shades of the Fast Base foundation are linked to the Conceal and Define so I picked up the shade F1. There are 18 shades in this and I’m positive they are about the expand the shade range as well which is amazing. 18 shades for a first launch is amazing, go Revolution Beauty! I do use the shade C3 of the concealer for my overall face but the swatches online I seen of the Fast Base F3 looked too pinky for my skin tone. I went off Sophie from sophdoesnails video of the foundation as we have very similar skin tones and shade. I also picked up the shade F10 to be able to cream contour with, the shade is a tad too warm to contour with but it does an amazing job of cream bronzing.

The foundation stick costs £5 and you get 6.2 grams of product. It’s slightly smaller in size   to the other stick foundations I’ve got but I don’t really mind. I mean I’m only paying £5 for it so I’m not going to complain. The packing is very simplistic but I I like the rose gold and the nude pink together. The packaging doesn’t feel cheap for the price point, I mean it’s not as heavy as the ABH one but it doesn’t feel cheap and nasty.

So this Foundation is very creamy, very creamy. It glides on, it takes about 2 seconds to put this all over my face. Even with the creamy formula it has good coverage, definitely medium to full coverage. I do usually do 2 layers of this just to get it to be full coverage. As it being so creamy it blends out within seconds, it is amazing for when I’m in a rush. I don’t need a lot that of it as a little goes a long way, I do about 3 swipes on my cheeks and it can even cover some of my chin and nose.

The shade on me is perfect, it matches my skin tone perfectly (thanks to Sophie). Now for the finish on the skin. I definitely need to powder this down as it is very dewy, I feel for dryer skin people this will be amazing. It does start to crease ever so slightly before I powder it but its just due to the creaminess, all I do is reblend it out where it has started to crease and then powder it straight away and it fixes it perfectly. Even after it has been powdered it does still keep a slight dewiness to it which I like as it gives my skin something else rather than being completely matte after I’ve powdered.

The wear on this foundation is a mixture of thoughts for me. It does wear well, I wore it for about 7/8 hours and it lasted. A bit like the L’Oréal stick foundation it does go a tad cakey throughout the day and does start to go patchy. Now for my ughs about this foundation. I wore this for a whole day in London and I felt my face looked really oily, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my face like that but when I got a facial done at Dermalogica the girl who done it said my makeup still looked amazing for it having been on my face for about 8 hours. I may have been overthinking it as every other time I’ve worn it I’ve never thought that. I do have to powder this a few times throughout the day but I just use a light layer of powder. It does give my skin a very dewy look throughout the day and with just a tiny bit of powder to touch it up it makes my skin look amazing.

Now is this worth the hype? 100% yes, I love this. It looks amazing on the skin and even though it does get slightly oily on me throughout the day it doesn’t look like I’ve dunked my face in a chip fryer, more like I’ve got a natural dew to my skin. I love how well this matches my skin tone as well. I really wouldn’t recommend this if you have really really oily skin, this definitely wouldn’t make you look good (unless you want to look like a chip pan!) I also don’t feel guilty for using it as it only costs £5, I could buy 5 of these for the price of 1 ABH stick foundation.

Superdrug now stocks these in their stores now which is amazing for going and getting a proper shade match so go into Superdrug ASAP and pick up your shade in this because you need it in your collection.

See you all in my next post

3 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick | Buy or Bye?

  1. beautyonabudget94 says:

    This is another stick foundation I want to try 😅 But I’m super oily though, so I’m afraid it’ll be too much for my skin as everyone describes it as very creamy and slightly dewy. But it’s so affordable that I might give it a go

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