Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection | Is It Worth The Hype

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I haven’t ordered from Kylie Cosmetics in around a year (which is surprising for me) but when I seen she had 20% off her website plus a $10 off coupon I knew I wanted to place a little order. I’d watched a fair few videos on YouTube about her latest collection, the Weather Collection and decided that if people wanted to rave about it so much then I had to have it, well some of it as I do not have to money to fork out on the whole range.

I did pick up one thing from Kylie Cosmetics that wasn’t in the Weather Collection as I needed to get my total up to get free shipping (priorities). I picked up the velvet liquid lip in “Commando”. It says on the website that this is one of Kylie’s favourites and I’m sure I remember lots of Youtubers talking about when her Vacation collection came out. It’s described on the website as a terracotta beige, it’s just a basic nude shade. It is literally my perfect nude, I love it on me. It’s very comfortable on the lips too, I wore this for around 5 hours a few days ago and I never felt it once on my lips.

I never picked up the whole collection because that would be very expensive (plus I didn’t like it all) so I picked up the Highlighter Palette as that was one of the things everyone raved about in their videos, the lipstick in the shade “Cosmic” as I’ve never tried her new bullet lipsticks and the Ultra Glow in “Lightning Bolt”. The collection in general is very pretty, I love the detail she’s put into the the packaging of the products. The only thing I do have an issue with is the pricing of her glitter eyes as I loved the look of them but they cost $40!

I’ve always wanted to try her Ultra Glow in Fuji after seeing Jaclyn Hill etc using it but it’s always out of stock so I definitely wanted to try the Lightning Bolt one. It looks right up my street. I’ve not really dabbled into loose highlighters much, I’ve only ever tried the Make Up For Ever StarLit powders. On the website it’s described as a light champagne gold with blue glitters. I’d watched Kylie swatch this on her IG stories and it looks blinding. I love the packaging, I mean it does feel cheap but I love the detail on the lid with all the little stars on it. I feel that this is probably going to be extremely blinding if used wet on the skin as swatching dry never showed much.

Again another lipstick. Again a bit like Commando I only picked this up as I needed to put up my total. I did prefer the look of the shade Nova but it was out of stock so I went for the next best nude. Again like the Ultra Glow the packaging is stunning, not much the packaging of the actually lipstick bullet but the box I love. I don’t usually keep the packaging of products but I 100% will with this collection. On the website it is described as a muted taupe, on my it’s a browny nude. It reminds me of the 90s lipstick trend that went around for a while.

Top to Bottom – Golden Hour, Daydreamer, Stratus and Cloud 9

Finally for the thing that made this haul, the highlighter palette. I love the shades of this but one of the shades came smashed. Cloud 9 came really badly smashed so I had to repress it, I did email Kylie Cosmetics about it arriving smashed but by the time they replied I had already repressed it. When I swatched Cloud 9 after repressing it it doesn’t swatch as well which is so disappointing, I hope that after a few times it goes back to normal. Also the shade Golden Hour took a few attempts at getting a clean swatch, it did show up more than Cloud 9 though. The other shades, Stratus and Daydreamer, swatched beautifully. They were very creamy and buttery, they did not feel chunky at all. My favourite shade from the palette when swatched was Stratus, it’s just such a stunning colour. Daydreamer I think will look amazing as a shimmery bronzer in the summer to emphasise that summer tan (which is not likely for me, basically Caspar the friendly ghost).

The worst part about ordering from Kylie Cosmetics is the customs charges. My customs charge was £22 which was way more than I expected. To pay £22 in customs and to then get a broken product was pretty disappointing. The customs is mostly the reason as to why I don’t order from Kylie Cosmetics, I hate paying about £50 for all my products to then be hit with a customs charge which takes the total up to being so expensive.

Do I think the weather collection is worth buying? Not really. I mean if you are from the US or can get your hands on it easily (authentic products obviously) then I’d say picking up the highlighter palette as the shades are stunning but for us UK people, I’d skip out on this. They just aren’t worth the customs fees. I mean I love the packaging of all the products but I’m not just going to order from Kylie Cosmetics just for the packaging. I’m actually going to try and dupes for some of these products as there is 100% dupes for these products that us UK people can get our hands on easier than the real thing. I’ll 100% do a post on that if I manage to find any.

See you all in my next post

5 thoughts on “Kylie Cosmetics Weather Collection | Is It Worth The Hype

  1. Britney says:

    I’ve never bought or used any Kylie products, but I did come very close to purchasing some things from her Weather Collection because they looked really nice. I really wanted the two eyeshadow palettes, however I didn’t want to fork out the money for them so I ended up not buying them. I agree that the packaging on this collection is really nice though.

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  2. toopolished says:

    Great post, thank you for your honest opinion on the Weather Collection. I haven’t tried any of her products because my lips get very, very dry and I don’t want to spend money on another matte lip color that will dry out my lips. I haven’t looked into her other products because I’m pretty happy with my makeup routine now and I don’t have a need to get anything else. The lip colors she offers are beautiful and I love seeing them reviewed and tried on! I’m happy I read your review so I can stick to products I really like and not waste my money.

    Liked by 1 person

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