Barry M Crushed Jewels Cream Eyeshadow | Review

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I have found some amazing drugstore/highstreet (for us UK people) cream eyeshadows that only cost £4.99! Literally when you see the swatches of these you will think they cost around £20 each. I’ve been enjoying cream eyeshadows for on the lid but I mean who has the money to spend £23 on the Stila ones, not me.

These amazing cream eyeshadows are from Barry M, yes Barry M. I remember loving Barry M when I was in high school, I think I have near enough every single one of their nail polishes and one of their glosses was my ride or die for years. Barry M, like a lot of other drugstore brands, are upping their game and coming out with amazing makeup. They are called the Crushed Jewel Cream Eyeshadow and they come in 8 different shades. Like I said these are only £4.99 each, Boots and Superdrug usually have offers on these so always look out for that.

I have 4 shades of these as whenever I’ve went to buy them, they were buy one get one half price so why would I refuse. I got the first 4 shades in the collection as I knew that I would use these shades the most. The names of these are cute, I love when the names of products are actually nice and not boring numbers. The 4 shades I have are:


Duvet Day

  1. Duvet Day – Light Pink Champagne
  2. Pillow Talk – Bronzed Gold
  3. Cloud 9 – Pink Rose Gold
  4. Fairytale – Fiery Copper

Now these are pigmented, Barry M are not hanging around with these. They aren’t patchy, I would say that Duvet Day needs a second layer compared to the other shades but all of them are still very pigmented. They do dry down completely so I don’t have to set them with an eyeshadow which I like, means one less step when doing my eyeshadow. They are smudge proof as well once dried. I mean they aren’t completely smudge proof as some glitter comes off on my fingers when I rub them but the actual shadow doesn’t move.

My favourite shade is Pillow Talk just because it looks amazing on my eyes, it really brings out the blue in my eyes.

I would 100% recommend picking these up if you are every in Superdrug or Boots as they are very affordable and such good quality for the price. If someone was to just show me them swatched and not tell me the brand I’d say that these are a high end brands and not Barry M as they do look high end. I may have to go pick up more shades of these, Barry M I need you to bring out more of these as I need about 50 different shades in these!

See you all in my next post

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