SHEIN Review | Are They Worth Buying From?

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I bet everyone and their gran’s now heard of Shein. I have seen many videos on Youtube titles “I spend £££ on Shein” or “Is it worth it” etc so after watching a lot of videos about Shein I decided to go have a browse on the website. I’d seen Shein or Sheinside which is what it was before floating around on Youtube for a while but I was never interested in it but after watching peoples videos and seeing such cute nice clothes I wanted to go have a browse. So before I start this I did spend £62 o n 8 items from a range of categories so I bought a variety of different things.

My shopping experience on the website was fairly pleasant. They have a lot of nice stuff on the website and lots of different categories. They have an “inspire me” category which I used quite a lot when looking at the clothes. I didn’t like the fact that whenever I clicked on the item it sent it to a new tab rather than just staying on the same tab, it just cluttered up my tabs and I didn’t know if the item was in my basket or not.

Before ordering on this I heard the sizes of the items on Shein were a tad dodgy and different and that they are. They don’t do your standard Uk sizes like 6,8,10,12 etc, they do S,M,L but in a different way. A S in one item won’t be the same as a S in another item. With the sizes it comes with measurements and they recommend measuring yourself to make sure you get the most accurate size. It is a bit of a hassle as it isn’t always the easiest to measure yourself. I did find it quite hard to measure myself and match my measurements to sizes so I ended up just winging it and ordering the items in what I’d usually go for.

Delivery costs nothing if you spend over £29 which I definitely did. Delivery is £4 if you don’t spend over £29. They also offer a shipping insurance for your order which I did take as it was only 72p. I ordered on the 24th of April and it shipped the next again day which I was impressed about. My order arrived last Thursday so the 3rd of May so it took 12 days to arrive from the day I purchased it and 11 days from the day it shipped. I genuinely thought that the delivery was going to take about 3 weeks but I am impressed with them on the delivery aspect. The shipping was tracked and for us UK people it arrived via Royal Mail.

The quality varied between all the items. Some of the items felt really good quality and thick, I bought a Bikini and the quality felt amazing and it came with cups and they were so thick, it definitely wouldn’t show any nips. However on the other end of the scale I bought a bodysuit which looked alright when out the bag but when I put it on it was so see through, everything was on display so the quality is a hit or a miss. I do feel like the quality of the clothes does represent the price point of the clothes but a lot of the items I got did surprise me. I bought a belt and if I didn’t know it was from Shein I would think it was from Topshop with the quality of it.

After trying on all the items I got I’m actually returning 4 of the 8 things I got. When returning the items you have to submit a ticket on the website and then they reply back to you with different ways to return the items. I used their link which they supplied, all I have to do is put your order number at the end of the link and it directed me to a page where I checked what items I want to return. I then got a pre paid return label which I had to print off. The return label costs £3.50 if the parcel is under 1kg and between 1kg and 2kg or £6.50 if it’s over 2kg and they said that they’ll take that off my return amount.

Be aware before you order that you can’t return certain products. I bought a bodysuit that I can’t return and even though it says on the website you can’t return swimwear when I submitted my return ticket and spoke with Shein they allowed me to return the swimwear. It’s always a good heads up to have a look at what items you can’t return before buying as I now have a bodysuit that’s too small for me and see-through that I can’t return.

Now do I think SHEIN is worth looking at, I do but be prepared for it. They do have some really nice clothes on there, especially summer items such as playsuits and bikinis but I do find trying to size myself quite hard. Also the quality can be a hit or a miss so also look out for that, definitely read the reviews on the items you like before buying to give yourself an idea of what other people think about them and what the quality is like. I do think I will order from Shein again as I do like the look of their clothes but I will be more cautious about the quality and sizing.

I do actually have a Youtube video up reviewing all the items I bought so if you’re interested in what I actually bought then head over to my Channel to watch that, I’ll link it down below for you.

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See you all in my next post

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