My Hair Care Routine | How I Keep My Hair Healthy

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Time for a new little series on my blog! I’ve spoken a lot about makeup and a little bit about skincare but what about my hair? My hair is a big part of my appearance and I do have long hair so I need to take extra good care of it. I never was a big person for hair care but ever since I dyed my hair in January and got it lightened I’ve had to take care of it a lot more to make sure it stays healthy.

So a little background of my hair to kick start this post. I do have long hair, I did recently get it cut so the length is sitting at my waist but before that it was at my hips. Like I said I did dye my hair for the first ever time in January and I got some parts lightened with some highlights. I don’t regret dying my hair but it has become so dry since dying it and I now have a lot more split ends because my hair snaps. I also usually wash my hair every 2 days, 3 at a push if I’m really not doing anything on the second day after washing. I was always a “wash my hair everyday” girl for years but I now really prefer to not wash it everyday.

A lot of the products I use are from the L’ORÉAL Dream Lengths range (and no this post is not sponsored, I just really love this range). The Dream Lengths range is designed specifically for long and damaged hair which definitely suits my hair type. The Dream Lengths collection also has a really nice scent to it which stays in my hair all day. I also have a Lee Stafford product in here which you NEED to get.


For my shampoo and conditioner I use the L’ORÉAL Dream Lengths restoring shampoo and detangling conditioner. Ever since getting this stuff I really don’t think I could change. The shampoo is definitely not the star out of the 2, I wouldn’t say I’ve seen much “restoring” done to my hair since using this shampoo. I do find it leaves me hair silkier but I do also still see my hair having split ends and breakage. I do like is shampoo but it does just remind me of any ordinary shampoo.


The conditioner however is my saving grace. My hair is so thick and long and it always gets tangled and tuggy, it can sometimes be that bad I can’t brush it but this really does help. It smooths out my hair and makes it 10x better to brush. Even in the shower I can tell my hair is smooth and tangle free. My hair breaks less as well when it’s not as tuggy and tangled which is a major bonus for me. I also don’t need to use a lot of this conditioner in my hair compared to other conditioners so the bottle lasts longer.


For when I use a hair mask I use the Saviour Mask from the Dream Lengths range. I love how my hair feels after using it. I use it in the shower after the shampoo, I leave it to sit for around 5 minutes and it leaves my hair feeling amazing, so soft and smooth. I use this at least once a week (it can also be once every 2 weeks) but I do try and use this often to help my hair get stronger. I’ve also used this overnight before, I didn’t notice much difference in the state of my hair when using it like that so I probably wouldn’t do that again. I can always tell when my hair needs a mask and some TLC and I love using this mask for it! Another mask I use is the Garnier Honey Blends one which is also good for dry, damaged hair plus it smells really good.


The next step in my hair care routine is another product from the Dream Lengths collection, the No Hair Cut Cream. I bought this on a 3 for 2 in Boots and like the other products from the Dream Lengths range I really couldn’t not use this in my routine now. I use this after my shower, after I’ve had my hair up in a towel to dry for a bit. One this smells amazing and two it  really works for my hair. I do find it works really well with the conditioner to help detangle my hair and make it easier to brush and dry. I also find that it makes my mid-lengths and ends look really good after using this product, it does what it says as I do find it makes my hair look like it’s not been cut.


The final step in my haircare routine is the Lee Stafford Choco Locks Chocolate Shake Spray. I use this both before my hair is dried and afterwards for the finishing touch. This is an oil spray that you have to shake to be able to get the full benefits but that’s not the best thing about this. The smell is amazing. Go into your local Boots to smell this and get it for yourself and it does smell like chocolate, maybe more cocoa than chocolate but it still smells amazing. I 100% prefer using a spray oil as it’s less messy and it doesn’t leave a lot of oil in my hair. Again it helps with detangling my hair but it also just puts the finishing touch on my hair and makes it so silky and shiny.

And that is it for my hair care routine and the first part in a new little series on my blog. I don’t often change up my hair care routine but I will be reviewing some more masks and products in the future so look forward to that.

See you all in my next post

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