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I popped into Primark a few days ago as I wanted to get some new clothes for going away and while browsing the Beauty area (I mean who doesn’t look at the beauty area) I spied all the new Primark K POP products. While looking at the new stuff I noticed this Blemish Buster pack and put it into my basket to try and then I decided I’d also review it for everyone.

I’ve seen these little blemish plasters on Sephora and Cult Beauty before but I really didn’t want to spend £20 on them as I wasn’t going to waste £20 on them if they didn’t work. Now I did pick this up thinking it was a face mask but turns out it is these little blemish dots but if they help get rid of my spots then I’m not going to complain. So this cost me £1.50 for 20 of the little dots, Cult Beauty sell 48 of them for £20. For that price I could buy 13 packets of these ones from Primark.


So before I get into the actual product I want to talk about the packaging because its adorable. I has a little hamster on it in a little wizards outfit. I’m not going to lie I did slightly pick this because of the packaging. I’m definitely giving Primark a 10/10 for the packaging as it’s so adorable. As much as this is a K Beauty or K POP in Primark the instructions are in English as well as some other languages which I like because there is nothing worse than getting a K Beauty item and you can’t read any of the instructions. The actual dots come in their own little silver packet with the same design on the front.

These dots say they have salicylic acid in them and it also has tea tree which is also a good spot fighting ingredient so it’s off to a good start. The instructions on the back say to start off with cleansing your face and then make sure it is dry before putting on the dot. Then all you do is peel off the dot and then put it directly onto the spot and leave it on overnight. It seems pretty straight forward and simple which I like.

I took some before photos of my skin which are above but before I put the dots on my skin I done my usual skincare routine. It doesn’t say anything on the instructions about using your skincare routine with this but I wasn’t not going to do my skincare. I did let my skincare dry completely before putting the little dots on. They stuck down alright, I did have to push them down a lot to make them properly stick down. They felt weird on my face but I think it was because I’d never had anything like this on my face before. I did think they would end up falling off my face throughout the night but they were all still on my face in the morning which I was impressed with.

The next morning when I woke up I kept the little dots on for a bit until I had my breakfast as they were starting to peel off. First impressions I got from peeling them off my skin was that it hadn’t done anything to my skin but it wasn’t until I looked at my skin up close that I noticed a difference. The marks for the spots are still there but the have shrunk in size and they aren’t bumps on my skin anymore. On my first use I am really impressed with them.

So I’ve now been using the dots on and off for a week and I’ve got my final verdict on these. I mean I didn’t waste my money as they were only £1.50 but I wouldn’t say they are worth picking up on your next trip to Primark. I did see a difference in my skin after using them the first time but after that I seen no difference in my skin. Other bigger brand may work better but do you really want to spend the money on them, not really. If you do want to try these out then I’d 100% say get them to try out and see if they work better for you but I wont be picking them up again.

2 thoughts on “PS… Blemish Blaster | Review

  1. crystalsandcurls says:

    I’m not a fan of primarks beauty range personally so I don’t think I’d try this, but salicylic acid is honestly AMAZING for blemishes. Try the ordinary’s salicylic acid, it’s cheap and you get SO MUCH for your money xx

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