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So I’ve just came back from another travel so that means another travel diary (whoop whoop). This times travel was to Copenhagen. I’d never been to Copenhagen never mind Denmark before so I was excited to experience a new place. I was only away for 5 days 4 nights which I think was the perfect amount of time to be away, by the last day me and my boyfriend didn’t really know what else to do as we’d seen everything we wanted to see.

It was really affordable to go to Copenhagen from Edinburgh, our trip overall only cost around £200 but Copenhagen itself is an expensive city. I did read that before I went so I was sort of prepared but it was still a shock. I knew that shopping in Copenhagen would be expensive which is why I didn’t do too much shopping there compared to when I was in Paris but it was the food aspect that shocked me. I think I spend more money on food than anything else.

I stayed in another Airbnb as I find that it’s so much cheaper than staying in a hotel. This was one of the cheaper Airbnb’s I found which kind off put me off when originally looking at places to stay but I’m so glad I chose to stay here rather than a more expensive one. Our Airbnb was owned by a guy called Christian (who was really nice) and the place was really amazing. It was a top floor apartment in the area Sydhavn which was around a 10 minute metro ride to the city centre. The apartment was amazing but the one thing I didn’t like was having to climb all the stairs up to the apartment, after a really long day or when taking the suitcases up was a nightmare.


Nyhavn is basically the main hub of Copenhagen, it’s the main attraction that comes up when I googled “things to do”. The main feature of Nyhavn is definitely the colourful buildings, it’s so pretty. It’s on the canal and leads out to the sea and it’s such a pretty area. It’s very photogenic, I did get plenty of photos there because why wouldn’t you. I went there basically every single night as it was the hub of Copenhagen.


The area is full with restaurants, we did eat there one night in a cute little Italian restaurant but there is plenty of options for eating. Every restaurant having seats outside which has a really nice view of the buildings and the waterfront so it was a really nice setting for dinner. It is a must see place in Copenhagen.


A must do and see in Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens. Tivoli is one of the oldest theme parks in the world and weirdly enough it is bang in the middle of Copenhagen. I got in for free with my Copenhagen card the first time I went but when I went back at night on the Saturday I had to pay 120DKR which is around £15. There is so much to do in there it definitely requires a whole day or half a day to be able to see it all. I bought the ride pass for all the rides as that isn’t included in the Copenhagen Card entry. My favourites were “The Rollercoaster” and “The Demon”.


It such a pretty place with tons to do with plenty of places to eat and drink, we sadly never had any food in their but if I was to go back I would try to eat in there. When I went back at night we watched the Champions League final on a massive screen in the main gardens and the atmosphere was amazing. Also after the game had finished the gardens were so pretty all lit up.


Another major thing in Copenhagen is the statue of the Little Mermaid. If anyone didn’t know that the author of the story “The Little Mermaid” was from Denmark so in honour of it they created a statue of The Little Mermaid. It was quite a far walk from the Nyhavn to the little mermaid, the walk was a pretty walk along the seafront though so I wasn’t complaining (it was also a lovely day for the walk).


Walk to The Little Mermaid

It is quite an underwhelming attraction as all it is a statue on a rock but I still really liked walking up to see it. It is always quite crowded with people so try to sneak in for a quick photograph when the big groups are just leaving.

I would highly recommend that if you are planning on going to Copenhagen to get a Copenhagen Card. So this kept popping up on google so I eventually clicked on it to see what it was and I am so glad I got one for going. It’s a little card (duh) that get’s you free entry into lots of different attractions as well as discounts for some food places. I only paid £80 for 3 days use of this card and as much as that seems expensive for 3 days but it saved me so much money.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 20.00.29

A lot the attractions cost around £20-£25 to get into so adding it all up really meant I saved some coin. Another advantage of the Copenhagen Card is that it gets you free transport around the city on the trains, metros and buses.

I’m also going to be giving some food recommendations in this post as everyone loves food and I find it really helpful to know good restaurants before I go to places. I would really recommend the restaurant Cocks and Cows. I found it while doing my research and at first I was a bit thrown off by the name but don’t as it done really amazing food.


It’s basically all burgers they do, apart from a few starter dishes and salads. I loved their chicken wings, they were amazing. I also had their chicken burger which was really nice, I wasn’t too fond of the dressing that was on it but it could easily be taken off if asked. Chips aren’t included with the burger so I ordered a side of their salted chips, I mean they were good but I wouldn’t say it they are needed. I got a starter, burger and chips and I didn’t even make a dent in the chips I was that full.

Overall I would highly recommend Copenhagen as a weekend away. It is a quite little city that especially when its sunny it looks very beautiful. I’m already looking at my next trip away (yes I am that type of person who comes back from one holiday to book another) so stay tuned for more travel diaries in the future.

See you all in my next post

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