May Favourites

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I honestly can’t believe it’s June like how are we halfway through the year already?? I haven’t done a favourites post in so long so when I noticed I have quite a few products I’ve been loving in May I thought why don’t I do one. I have a mixture of favourites, some makeup and some more general beauty products.

15 years old me will be loving the fact I’m using this product again. Before Benefit Gimme Brow was my ride or die I used this all the time but it fell out of my makeup collection when Gimme Brow came in. I only picked this up as I didn’t bring my brow gel with me on holiday as I thought I could pick up a new Gimme Brow mini in Duty-Free but they didn’t have any so I was starting to panic. I ended up in Superdrug in the airport which resulted in me buying the Maybelline Brow Drama. After using it a few times when I was away I have grown to love this again, the colour “Medium Brown” is perfect for my brows and the brush just coats every hair. I hated the brush before when I used it but they have changed the style of brush and it is now so much better. I mean it isn’t no Gimme Brow but it is a good affordable option for a brow gel.

I’ve hardly been using any of my eyeshadow palettes over May, all I’ve been reaching for is my Single Shadows that I have in my Coastal Scents palette. I’ve been loving mixing many of my single shadows to create lots of different looks compared to using my palettes. I mean I know I can mix single shadows with palettes but I like when things are all in the one place. Some of my favourites are “Burnt Orange” by Anastasia Beverly Hills, “Stubborn” and “Bad Behaviour” from Revolution Pro and “Oatmeal Tan” by Coastal Scents.

Now this will probably come as no surprise to anyone as I feel over the past few months since it’s release it’s been everyone’s favourites. I got a mini Bad Gal Bang when I got my eyebrows waxed at Benefit in May and ever since I’ve been using it every day. I used it on holiday and I actually decided against wearing falsies because my lashes looked so good. It really lengthens my lashes and just makes them look amazing. I sometimes mix it with my KIKO Extra Sculpt Volume mascara and that combo is just to die for. I’ve been reaching for this every day over all my other mascaras and I swear I’ll be buying tons of these.

Now I am by no means trying to endorse sunbeds or tanning beds with this product but this product has literally changed my life. I’m not going to discuss too much about Fox Tan as I am going to do a blog post about it but this really does work! I started using this after going back on sunbeds before going away to Copenhagen and now I couldn’t think of not taking this away on holidays with me as it can also be used in the sun as well as artificial sun. I don’t usually tan at all but since using this I actually have some colour which I love.

This really ties hand in hand with the Foxtan, tanning and keeping my body moisturised. I picked this Nivea Mix Me Moisturiser up randomly when in Superdrug and I now can’t stop using it. It is quite a small tub, way smaller than for example The Body Shop Body Butters but I don’t need a lot when I use it so I feel it evens out. It was also only £1.99 as it was on offer but even then it is usually only £2.99 so it’s very affordable. I think they are meant to be mixed about as there is 3 in the collection. I have the one in “I am the Exotic one” and it smells amazing. I think that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. It absorbs quickly into the skin and the smell lasts a long time on the skin. I’m not usually a person who moisturises every day as I am quite lazy when it comes to stuff like that but not when it comes to this. I use this every single day after I’ve used my Foxtan and I swear my skin just looks so much better and it feels way softer.

I always feel like I never have that many favourites until I write it all down and then I realise I love so much. It’s already 10 days into June and I already have a few favourites which if I remember I will talk about at the end of this month so stay tuned.

See you all in my next post

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