Revolution Makeup Soph x Extra Spice Palette and Lipsticks Review | Buy or Bye?

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Back with another review post. I love doing review posts as it’s the only way I can tell you all if something good or not. Around October/November time last year I did a post reviewing the Soph X Revolution palette and highlighter palette and the review was very positive (if you haven’t read it then here it is for you to now go read) but around 2 weeks ago Sophie from Sophdoesnails announced that she was creating another eyeshadow palette with Revolution makeup and like the other palette I was sold before I’d even been shown it.

She posted her own announcement video up on her channel about the palette (I’ll link it here) but she also revealed that not only was she dropping a palette she was also dropping 3 NUDE LIPSTICKS. Yes, that’s right 3 nude lipsticks. I basically live in nude lipsticks so this was music to my ears when I heard that. Everything you need to know about the palette is all in the video but the main details are that the eyeshadow palette costs £10 and the 3 lipsticks cost £4 each. The whole collection in total costs £22 which is just amazing for 3 high-quality lipsticks and an eyeshadow palette.


So the eyeshadow palette is called the Extra Spice Palette and it comes with 18 shades which are smaller than her other palette but this one the shade names are underneath the shades rather than on one of those plastic sheets that everyone loses. The packaging of the palette is the reverse of her old one, with it being a shiny mirrored rose gold cover with the Sophx in nude. I love the look of this palette, it looks so much more expensive than what it is. I think the thing I love the most about this palette is the different colour schemes to it, one half is warm tones which is my favourite colour scheme and the other is cooler-toned with some khakis which are more out of my comfort zone. I like how both her palettes complement each other but can also be used individually.

First Photo Top to Bottom – Reputation, Lakes, Enchanted, Cookie Dough, Cheesecake, Mulled Wine, Twenty-one, Chocolate Orange, Sweet N Sour, Running Late, Brownies, Vitamin C

Second Photo Top to Bottom – Aurora, Dreams, Romance, LA Sun, Infinity, Everyday

When I tried to swatch these I was a bit disappointed as some of the mattes didn’t appear strongly but please please please if you get this palette do not just go by the swatches. The pigment when on the eyes is just next level. If I was to compare this palette with a high-end palette I wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference as the pigment on this palette is stunning. This is the first look I ever did use the palette which shows off the pigment in many of the shadows, I literally tapped my brush in the shade “Sweet N Sour” and was shook at the pigment I got on my brush.

I think my favourite shades in the palette are Twenty-one which is the fiery red shade bang in the middle of the palette. When blended out it goes go a tad pinky but if you just keep packing the pigment on it turns red. Vitamin C is also one of my favourites as it’s one of the only pigmented yellow shades I’ve ever found. For the shimmers LA Sun looks amazing paired with Twenty-one, I just pack it on with a flat brush, also wetting it and it goes on so intense.

Cake, Syrup and Fudge

Now onto the lipsticks. They come in 3 different nude shades; a pinky nude, a brown nude and a dark chocolately nude. I like how the lipsticks have the same type of packaging as the eyeshadow palette and how it has Sophx embossed onto the bullet. They really have made these look more expensive and high end than what they are. Also, the 3 shades are named after food which I mean who doesn’t love food so why not have your lipstick also named after food as well. Cake is the pinky nude, Syrup is the brown nude and Fudge is the darker brown chocolatey nude. They have a satin finish to them which makes them very comfortable on the lips. I do not need a lip liner when applying these lipsticks as the basically glide onto the lips. I really don’t have a favourite when it comes to these as they all fit my type, I really couldn’t choose one to be my favourite.

I wore the shade Syrup on a night out and I think I only had to reapply it twice which for the fact I was eating and drinking all the time is amazing, also for a creamy satin finish that’s good staying power.

Now do I recommend buying all of these? Of course, I do. This is 100% a buy. I just can’t get over how good all of Sophie’s collabs are, she smashed it with her original palette and highlighter palette and now she’s done the same again with this collection. These are available on Superdrug and the Revolution Beauty website so head over there after this and get your hands on them all. I also have a Youtube video up on my channel doing a first impression with this so head over there for that too (it’s linked here).

See you all in my next post

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