New Makeup Releases | Eyeing and Not Buying #2

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Ready for another eyeing and not buying post? I literally see new makeup appear on my Instagram all the time and it makes my bank balance scream every time. It’s actually quite hard to keep up sometimes with all the new makeup releases that come out so without further ado lets just get into my eyeing and not buying. I’m going to do it a tad different today and start with my not buying items and finish with my eyeing ones. Also, just another reminder that all the photos used in this post are from TrendMood’s Instagram.



I really don’t get this release. Too Faced are on a little mission recently with rebranding all their products but they already have a Born This Way concealer. I don’t know if they are removing their original Born This Way Concealer to make way for their new Born This Way Sculpting Concealer (just looked, they are having both concealers) but I know I will not be buying this. I don’t even have their original one as none of the shades suits me so I am over the Born This Way hype. It’s described as a 4 in 1 full coverage concealer that can multi-task but I just really don’t see this working at all for me at all. I really don’t need a 4 in 1 concealer, as long as it conceals my eye bags I’m good.


Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 22.34.22.png

Why-why-why is Kylie releasing this? She announced on her Instagram that she was bringing out a new palette – Sorta Sweet Palette – and I mean I wasn’t even phased by her doing this but after seeing the photos of this palette I just kept on scrolling when I saw it on Instagram. It is another neutrals palette which I already have 5 million of these at home (okay that is a bit of an exaggeration but I do have a lot of them). It looks exactly the same as the other Kylie Cosmetics 9 eyeshadow palettes but this time it has all black packaging.

I’m now really over the Kylie Cosmetics hype as every collection she keeps on bringing out I am not interested in at all. I feel with the Sort Sweet idea she could have really gone out of the box and created a unique palette but instead, she made another palette which everyone has already. The fact I already have these shades in a lot of palettes already and that customs costs a bomb I am not buying this ever.

This time last year I bought the BECCA x Chrissy Teigan highlighter palette which is a really nice summer palette (perfect for holidays) and when I saw they were coming out with round 2 I really hoped for more. This collection includes a Bronze and Glow compact which looks beautiful and includes 2 highlighters and 1 bronzer. The bronzer is a brand new bronzer to BECCA but the 2 highlighter – Moonstone and Beach Nectar – I already have (I have a compact of Moonstone and Beach Nectar is in the Chrissy Teigan Palette) so I’m not buying it just for a bronzer. They are also releasing lip glosses and as much as I’m loving lip glosses for summer I can find cheaper glosses in similar shades for a cheaper price than what BECCA is charging (I’m actually going to be talking about glosses in my Eyeing section so stay tuned).

And the final item in this Round 2 collection which I’d say is the main item in this collection is a Glow body oil. There are 2 reasons why I won’t be buying this. One, I’m not a body oil person. I don’t have many occasions where I’d end up wearing a body oil. Two, I live in Scotland where there is hardly any sun or ever a chance of getting a tan so I feel body oil is really not needed and I’d rather not spend my money on something I’ll never use.

I’ve not heard a lot about this brand but my eyes are drawn to a part of this new collection. Dominque Cosmetics is a brand from Christen Dominque on Youtube, it is a relatively new brand as this is its first major collection. The Lemonade Collection has an eyeshadow palette and 4 lip glosses, I’ll give you 3 guesses what product I’m more inclined to buy (I’ll talk about it later). The eyeshadow palette looks nice, the packaging is my favourite thing about it (well the cartoon it comes in is my favourite). I do like the shades in the palette but I just think I wouldn’t use this as much what I think I would. The shades are pretty, Mango and Lemon Soda are probably my favourites but the other shades I probably wouldn’t use that much or if at all. Also, there are only 4 matte shades which like I also mention later in this post isn’t the best as I can’t create many looks using the mattes.


Time for my half and half section.

I’m sure I saw this palette in one of Nicole Renee’s eyeing and buying videos which has made me kind off want this. I’ve never bought anything from Milani before but this palette really just looks amazing. It’s called the Glided Desires Palette and it has 12 shades and 2 highlighters. The reasons why I do want to buy this palette are because the swatches look intense, the shimmers look very pigmented and it is very affordable for the fact it looks very luxe. Now for the reasons why I am on the fence. I feel I already have all of the shimmer shades in other palettes but there doesn’t look like there are many mattes in the palette which means I’d have to use more than one palette to do a makeup look and I hate that sometimes.



Now onto the items in the Lemonade Collection that I am eyeing. The 4 lip glosses she has released just look perfect for summer. I mean they are made for a Lemonade/Summer collection. The shade Pink Lemonade isn’t my favourite, its way too pinky for my liking but Strawberry Lemonade and Peach Tea are more my cup of tea. Sweet Tea is a nice shade but it is very orangey. I think the packaging is also very pretty so I’m hoping these get sold on BeautyBay like her other palette because I really do want to get a hold of at least one of these (depending on the price).

I’m actually including a drugstore new release in this as not everyone can afford high-end products but also because this is a new release from one of my favourite brands. Revolution Beauty (formally Makeup Revolution) are releasing glitters. Yes, you heard me right, glitters. They are releasing single glitters called Glitter Bombs that come in little pots (the packaging looks very similar to the KKW Ultra Beams) but they also have Glitter Pastes, pressed Glitter Palettes and Crushed Pearl Pigments. I’m really intrigued about the Crushed Pearl Pigments as and they have so many shades of them which means I could have a shade for any occasion (if I found room to fit them all).

I just love how affordable everything is but there is also a large range in everything. I don’t think I’ll be buying every single glitter or all glitter palettes but the majority of the range I will be buying.

Onto another gloss, this time maybe a tad cheaper than the Dominique Cosmetics ones. Morphe is now branching into glosses and I am ready. I mean I’ve never actually tried any of Morphe’s other lip products but these glosses have really caught my eye. I love the packaging on these (I feel like this is a recurring theme across a lot of products), Morphe have really upped their game on the design of their products. They also have 21 shades both normal and shimmery glosses, the nude glosses are the ones I’m leaning towards but the best part is that they are £9. I mean there are cheaper glosses out there but for there being such a large shade range I’d say these are steals.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 22.31.00

Now for the final eyeing product. In the last Eyeing and Not Buying post, I spoke about the Jeffree Star Thirsty palette and how I was considering buying it but now I have another product from his new summer collection that I am really eyeing. Now when I was about 15 I used the Lush bubblegum lip scrub religiously but over the years I’ve slowly drifted away from it but I really want to try the Jeffree Star lip scrubs. The summer collection ones attract me the most compared to his other ones as the flavours just seem amazing. There is a gummy bear one which I just live for but also Pink Lemonade sounds good too. I think if I buy one of these I’ll find it hard not to eat the whole tub.

So that’s another eyeing and not buying post done for June. It feels so strange to think that the next one will be in July (June has gone by so quickly) but I’m sure the next one will feature plenty of new releases.

See you all in my next post

3 thoughts on “New Makeup Releases | Eyeing and Not Buying #2

  1. beautyonabudget94 says:

    I follow Trendmood on IG and she’s always got the news on these new releases. I do love to see what the newest products are, but I live for those messy comments on her page hahaha 😀 The Kylie palette reminds me a lot of ABH soft glam palette. When ever she releases something I don’t really pay too much attention to it.


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