5 Makeup Items for Bronzed Summer Glowy Skin

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With summer here it’s now time to change up my makeup routine to give me that summer glow rather than the matte look I tend to go for in the autumn/winter time. I also tone down the coverage in the summer as who realistically packs the coverage on in the summer when it’s a nice sunny day and it’s hot outside. I always go for a bronzed glowy look in the summer especially when I’ve got a tan, it just makes me feel good about myself. I’ve managed to narrow down my 5 favourite products that I use to get a bronzed glowy skin look perfect for the summer time.



A glowy primer is the best way to start off a glowy skin look. A glowy primer can change the way a foundation looks, taking it from being matte to dewy. I mean when I put a glowy primer on my face I don’t put it on all my face, more just on my cheeks and forehead as along with my natural oils I’d either look like a chip pan or the tin man if I put it everywhere. I  really like the L’ORÉAL Infallible Luminising Primer as it really just transforms a foundation from being plain to dewy in 2 seconds. It comes out the tube quite pinky but once it’s blended out into the skin it doesn’t come off as being pink, it just gives the skin a nice healthy glow.



Now, this is going to sound so weird saying I’m going to include a powder in a bronzed glowy skin look as usually, powders take away all glowiness from your skin but not this powder. Well technically it’s not a powder, it’s the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter but I use it lightly as a face powder as it is a very sheer highlighter. When I do use this as a highlighter it gives a nice natural glow to the cheekbones so that actually made me think “Why not use this all over my face”. I do go in with a light hand when using this as I don’t want to be too highlighted, again like a tin man, all over my face and also because it doesn’t exactly match my skin tone. This powder/highlighter gives my skin a nice radiant look to it and gives it again, I’ll be saying this so much in this post but a healthy glow that any other powder wouldn’t give.



I live for cream bronzers in the summer. Last summer when I was on holiday I wore cream bronzer every night and I loved every look. I’ve only ever used one cream bronzer and in all honesty, I don’t know if I’ll ever buy another. I use the L’ORÉAL Glam Bronze Cushion De Soleil, it’s a cushion bronzer (duh) and I love this for when I have a tan. Without a tan, it would look a tad orange but when I have a tan this just gives my skin the perfect bronzed look. I use a stippling brush for this so it doesn’t go on too harsh and start to look Oompa Loompa esc. It looks amazing on its own but when it gets set with a powder bronzer it really takes to look to the next level.


Blusher is something that not many people wear in the summer as it can give you the wrong look but I feel I’ve found the perfect blush that really looks nice in a bronzed goddess look. Benefit’s GALifornia blush lightly on the cheeks really tops off any bronzer and highlighter combo. I feel just like everything else in this post I apply it lightly. This is a peachy pink blush so I mean if I applied that heavily on my cheeks then I’d look like I have a serious case of sunburn on my cheeks. I think the reason this blush works so well is that this has a slight shimmer to it so it works well as a blush/highlight topper. It just pulls the whole look together.



Now, this wouldn’t be a glowy skin chat if it didn’t include a highlighter. I could mention so many highlighters in this post but I feel for the perfect glowy summer look the best way to start off this is liquid highlighters. I’ve tried my fair share of liquid highlighters but these 2 are the best ones I’ve ever found and they are very affordable. The W7 Beam Me Up Liquid Highlighters are just amazing and actually blend out properly on my skin compared to other which break up my foundation. The shade Dynamite is my favourite out of the 2 I have as it is more bronzey so really fits in with the bronze glowy look but the shade Volcano is nice for when my skin is it’s usual Caspar the friendly ghost.

I only need to use the smallest little drop of these on my cheekbones and it leaves me looking very glowy. It really sets off a glowy skin look, I really need to try mixing this in with my foundation a tiny bit because I can imagine my skin would look very very dewy.

I hope this post has helped you find some products to help you create your own glowy skin looks. I will be posting a look on my Instagram very soon of my bronzed glowy skin look so head over there for that (I will also post it here but go give it a like on my Instagram).

See you all in my next post

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